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Scarfwearer's Blue Box

Started by Scarfwearer, Jan 23, 2004, 12:00 am

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Jan 23, 2004, 12:00 am Last Edit: Jul 04, 2011, 09:36 am by Scarfwearer
My Tardis
[attach width=450 height=600]177[/attach]
Pretty much current, fully materialized in its new location.
Scarfwearer 23/01/2004

Under construction
[attach width=402 height=600]179[/attach]
I actually took very few pictures during construction in my garage. I started
late 1999 and finished the following summer.
Scarfwearer 23/01/2004

It comes apart
[attach width=281 height=420]181[/attach]
Fortunately it does a 'mind robber', which is just as well as each of the
parts is almost too heavy to move single-handed.
Scarfwearer 23/01/2004

Before I moved it
[attach width=402 height=600]183[/attach]
I used to have it in the conservatory, but found a new location later that
was more practical.
Scarfwearer 23/01/2004

Oof! The door arches are heavy!
[attach width=360 height=242]185[/attach]
My daughter and I materializing the Tardis in a new location.
Scarfwearer 23/01/2004

sign box ends
[attach width=600 height=400]187[/attach]
I built these ends to slot behind the sign itself. They just slide out for
easy access
Scarfwearer 03/05/2004

sign box light
[attach width=600 height=400]189[/attach]
You can see the under-counter light in here which lights the sign. I didn't
go for the open back idea.
Scarfwearer 03/05/2004

[attach width=600 height=400]191[/attach]
I found this lovely old antique telephone in an antique shop. It's American
and probably not quite what you'd find in a police box, but it's got a dial
and it works.
Scarfwearer 03/05/2004

propped roof
[attach width=600 height=400]193[/attach]
I propped open the roof for the next few photos
Scarfwearer 04/05/2004

post from above
[attach width=600 height=400]195[/attach]
The posts are solid wood and incredibly heavy. I used a 2x4 and a 2x8 screwed
together, then clad that with 1x and 1/4 round molding. The side walls are
bolted to the 2x8 protrusion from the inside using bolts and those
cylindrical furniture fasteners that have a screw thread through the side.
Scarfwearer 04/05/2004

top corner and windows
[attach width=600 height=400]197[/attach]
You're looking at the side wall in this photo. The small black hole just
above and to the left of the door hinge takes a bolt which goes through into
a furniture fastener, which is pushed into a hole drilled into the edge of
the wall facing the camera. The hole is in a leftward protrusion from the door
arch. The top piece of the side wall is wider than the wall and extends
behind the arch protrusion. The side wall thus has to be lifted over the
protrusions when being assembled and will stay together unless the door
arches fall over (!) - it did happen once.
Scarfwearer 04/05/2004

door inside
[attach width=600 height=400]199[/attach]
The door has molding around the inside edge to prevent light escaping when it's lit inside. The duct tape covers a small gap which let the light through.
Scarfwearer 04/05/2004

lobby looking out
[attach width=600 height=400]201[/attach]
slightly fuzzy picture of the interior of the lobby looking out through the
police box
Scarfwearer 04/05/2004

looking into lobby
[attach width=600 height=400]203[/attach]
View looking into the darkened lobby through the propped open roof
Scarfwearer 04/05/2004

Door Closed in Dark
[attach width=375 height=600]205[/attach]
Scarfwearer 11/05/2004

Door Open In Dark
[attach width=358 height=600]207[/attach]
Scarfwearer 11/05/2004

Lego Tardis
[attach width=600 height=400]209[/attach]
A lego TARDIS I built a while back.
Scarfwearer 01/09/2004

Darth Vader? Storm trooper?
[attach width=600 height=400]211[/attach]
No, just me in my protective gear. It's a pain to wear, but better than the
possible alternatives.
Scarfwearer 08/11/2004

tardis with lights
[attach width=364 height=600]213[/attach]
Scarfwearer 07/12/2004

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