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Russell's K-9

Started by russellsuthern, Apr 21, 2020, 03:38 pm

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Splash out and go metallic. Or possibly do rusty K9 if worried about paint job?...


My K9 I didn't use spray, I used a Dulux tester of Denim Drift, which I then used spritzes of silver spray and then coated him in Yacht Varnish




[Googles for "Invisible Enemy" pictures] I see what you mean.  In some of the pictures, he looks more grey than metallic.  But I'd say he is metallic.  That said, you can always do a "good enough" paint and go back and upgrade it if you want later.  A bit of a pain with some of the stuff to take off or mask, but not the end of the world.  This is the approach I use often in life.  Invariably I go back and improve later and maybe it would be easier if I just did it the way I wanted from the start, but it has worked for me for the most part. 

The A-Team van, the low bid for paint was something like $7500 and a good part of that was a lot of bodywork I didn't think needed to be done but they wouldn't budge.  This was a bit much for a $2000 van with upwards of 600,000 miles on it and plenty of mechanical stuff that needed fixing too.  You don't want to know what the other bid was.  So I wound up painting it myself.  I'm not completely happy with it.  There's probably more sanding and buffing on the existing paintjob at some point and maybe even another bash at the paint--or paying someone if I can find someone I trust and has a price that works for me.  But it is fine for a $2000 van with quirky electrical, a transmission and engine that both leak, and everything else. 

So yeah, go with grey if you want.  Chances are, once it's on you'll be able to see if that's what you want or not.  If it isn't, you aren't out that much money and it will make a decent primer for the fancy metallic.  And since the color is close, you'll likely need to use less of the fancy metallic. 
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Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for your comments & advice.

Tony: I'll definitely drop Mat a line, thanks for the tip!

Ciderman:  I am certainly leaning in that direction.

Biodoc:  Thanks for the info & pic. Your K-9 looks lovely!

Volpone:  I was thinking exactly the same thing... Try regular grey gloss first, Then if I'm not happy with the look, I'll sand it back & use it as undercoat for a metallic coat.

Btw: I  was trawling the Internet for K-9 images & found this company: "Iconic Studio Creations" I had not heard of them before.
They make TARDISes, Daleks & K-9s for commercial sale, so I assume they are an American version of TPE?

Anyway, there's a photo of two of their K-9s which really shows just how much the colours can vary!  :o


Anyhow, I need to let my first coat dry properly before re- sanding - it always takes longer than you think & I do get impatient...
So I might put him away for a coupe of days (out of sight...) & have a crack at the ears.



No More

Not completely sure their K-9 builds are screen-accurate - have we seen both those shades of grey with the 5-bar red visual sensors?


They claim the 1st one is Baker era & the 2nd in Tennant/SJA era.

I'm no expert, but they look pretty good to me!

(Although, like TPE, they are well out of my budget, so I'll stick to building my own!!)



scotland yard

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They look good, that's for sure, but even if I money weren't an issue I don't think I'd buy them. There's just something special about building it yourself, don't you think?
Oh my giddy aunt!!


Lol.  The new unanswerable paint question for the TARDISBuilders:  What color to use for K-9?
"My dear Litefoot, I've got a lantern and a pair of waders, and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England. What could possibly go wrong?"
-The Doctor.


Tell me about it....
I spent months obsessing over different shades of blue, now I'm spending all day staring at different shades of grey!!

I really need to get a life!!!

Ps:  No jokes about "50 shades of grey", please!!




How about Dapol green?... ;D

4th dimensional builds

Here are some pics I took at a convention one year how they help too



Ciderman:   Dapol green- nooooo!
                But I might do NHS rainbow.....

Cosmic Hobo:  Thanks for the pics.. The more the merrier at the moment!
                     I particularly like the copper steampunk model. I have seen him at a few shows & think he looks super funky. :D

I spent a lovely afternoon in the garden today making a tail.

The bits in order are:

Length of hoover pipe tubing.
Squash drink bottle cap.
Wooden arrow.
End of a plastic tube cut off.

I think it'll look ok once it's been all painted black.





Thanks for looking in.




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Your build is looking amazing Russ.  Very inspiring and making me want to start one myself.  I am soooooo close but I have to fight the urge and focus on one big project at a time. Curse you russssss.

I have heard of that k-9' replica company.  The prices are crazy,  they also don't have a very good reputation for delivering.  Happy to take your money but It's ages until you finally get something.  From what I have heard there have been several complaints filed against them.  Yours will be just as good with the added bonus of being created by you.  Keep it up man looking so good

I want notes, lists and answers by the time I finish this here Juicy-a-Box! WARNING: I am Thirst-ay! And it is Fruit Punch! And it is Delicious!"


Wow looking really great Russell!! Fantastic work!! As karst said it's very inspiring, just built a contraption that'll allow my jigsaw to cut straight so hopefully I'll be joining you on the k.9 quarantine builders club!!
No, not the mind probe!

4th dimensional builds

I used a car Ariel for my tail had the different sections and a piece of wore coat hanger for the end and an old gear stick rubber bottom for the base part.