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Russell's K-9

Started by russellsuthern, Apr 21, 2020, 03:38 pm

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Morning all.

My next job was to make & affix the faceplate.
Originally I was going to make it light up, but it was too faffy & I didn't like the look of the result, so in the end I didn't bother.

I just used red acetate & hardboard strips which I painted red.
Then I painted the sucker red & put the whole thing together:




It actually looks nice & shiny, especially when the light falls on it, so I'm pretty happy with the result.

Thanks for looking in.




Morning all.

Home stretch now. ;D

For a final touch I bought a dog tag & chain.
The actual prop had a blank tag, but I think most builders stick a "K-9" on their tag, so that's what I did with mine...



Happy days.  ;D

Hope you are all well.



So my metallic mutt is finally finished!

I'll put some glamour shots in a gallery soon, but here's a taster for now:

k9 29.jpg

k9 30.jpg

k9 31.jpg

k9 32.jpg

Thanks all those who gave help & advice.

He's my favourite thing of the moment, so expect lots more pics soon!!

Regards all,


scotland yard


Does this mean you're going to revive your cosplay thread?
Oh my giddy aunt!!


You bet I am!!!

I've been busy over lockdown-  watch this space....

 ;D  :o



btw guys,

I've started a K-9 gallery..

Link here:


Hope you like!!!



I you K9 is amazing is there any chance that you could please put up your plans so that I can make my own K9. 👍👍👍🙏🙏


Hi Darren,

Glad you liked my K9.

I used a variety of plans to build my K9.




And these from the Dr Who Technical manual:



Plus there was a lot of eyeballing it & making educated guesses.
Hope that helps.

Sorry the pictures aren't super clear.

There's a few K9 plans on the internet if you do a search.

Good luck with your K9.
I think it's a great, fun build to attempt.  ;D



Andrew Harvey

Great to see those old K-9 blue prints again there. I actually still have the old comics they were in  in ooooh 1979! Since I saw them this morning I remembered having some other K-9 drawings for small scale models. I built one in the 1/17th scale, and will take some pictures later on. It made a pretty good model. I found them and here they are.... ( I cant remember where I got them from now, but I am sure someone will know)K-9 1 Unknown scale.jpgK-9 2 Scale Approx 1-17thb.jpg

Andrew Harvey

Goodness me! I have just seen your full sized Dog and he is Brilliant! K-9 was always a favourite. I used to make endless models of him when I was a boy, Fantastic. It looks very well made.

Andrew Harvey

Ive just taken these pictures of the little K-9 model in 1/17th scale this eveing. There is also a Tom Baker miniature, not very good pictures, but they will give you the idea. There is a Police Box too, which is again made from the plans I put on this site a day or two back. Slightly converted to look like the one Tom Baker flew....

 All the best



I have to put on my killjoy Miss Manners etiquette hat for a moment and say, traditionally on this board if you have something as substantive as your excellent miniature photos, the thing to do is give them their own thread.  Russel's generally pretty welcoming of people adding their own content to his threads (and I myself am guilty of sidetracking them more often than I should), but traditionally, the main reason to put photos of your own work in someone else's build thread is if they're working on a problem (the ears or the tail, for example) and you want to show them how you solved it in your build. 

That said, they're neat models and I hope you show more of the stuff you've done.  And I can see where it might be hard to figure out where to post them.  They don't really fit very neatly into any of the categories I can think of. :)
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Hey, Andrew.

Glad you like my K.9.   ;D

Your model plans look great!

Your photos are awesome, as ever, but I do agree  with Volpone that your K9 model needs a thread of it's own...
Not because I'm upset that you've posted it in my thread, but simply because it's a lovely little build that deserves a thread of it's own!

I would say it definitely deserves a place in the "other props" build gallery.

Once again, glad you like my K9.  ;D

Best regards,


(PS:  TARDISbuilders is a very relaxed place, especially compared to some other sites. Everyone is pretty chilled, but every now & again Volpone or one of the other mods have to gently nudge someone in the right direction. Kudos to all those guys for doing a tough job.. )

Andrew Harvey

Apologies to you both, Of course I see the sense in what you are saying. However I am glad as always that you enjoyed the pictures. One thing I must clear up though is that the K-9 model plans are not mine. I cannot recall where I found them now, but someone out there owns the copyright, and it isnt me. Perhaps they came from the ittle target book?
  All the best