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Knossos Throne

Started by meantimebob, Feb 18, 2006, 02:34 am

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Glad to help. I do 3D art myself and I've found this site pretty useful, so it's only fair that I should share.


What an interesting thread!

Also, just found this:

I used to work in the BBC set design department during the Eighties. At some point (I think the late Eighties), the BBC's own internal prop store was closed down. All the props there were put up for sale to anyone who wanted to buy them. As soon as I heard about this I went down to have a look. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, almost all the props had been literally roped off as they had been bought by one of the prop buyers who was leaving the BBC to set up his own prop hire company (of which there are several around London). Amongst the items he had bought was the Knossos Throne Chair. Had I been a day earlier, I might have been able to buy for £20. Doubtless, also amongst the same items were various hat stands which must have been used for the TARDIS set. Also probably there was that strange huge oriental column thing that was in the TARDIS on at least one occasion (as seen here: and cropped up from time to time in other BBC programmes.

Unfortunately I can't remember the name of prop buyer or the company he set up. But if it's still going, there is at least the possibility that the original Knossos Throne Chair still exists out there somewhere.

Rassilons Rod

Its beautiful... Shame its been painted white though :/
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Quote from: Rox on Mar 02, 2009, 09:54 am
I love stuff like this; what a fantastic chair.  :)

What would the Doctor do?


I'm compiling a series of screen grabs of internal tardis/console shots from every episode.  Noticed big Tam using the chair while getting whooped by K9 at chess at the start of the sunmakers. It's a tad wobbly to say the least.

FYI - The naming convention I'm using for the grabs is: (story number)-(serial number)-(season,story, episode)-(initials)-(screen grab number).95-4W-1541-TS-12.png95-4W-1541-TS-4.png


Also take a look at the Doctor Who Image Archive, particularly the TARDIS images page, which have a lot of images from the various stories. The first part of the page are exterior shots, the second half is interior shots.
We're also gradually accumulating a lot of more detailed shots for prop replication purposes here in the reference sections on this site.



I have just spotted this chair in Allo allo s 3 ep 2 in Heir flicks office.


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Well, since the Doctor has that chair in the TARDIS, maybe that means he's raided Heir Flick (of the Gestapo)'s office, took the chair/ throne, and also has the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies somewhere in his Art Gallery/Auxiliary Power Control. ;D

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