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Brachaki '63 1/9 scale build

Started by bobjohns, Apr 20, 2020, 09:31 pm

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Hi all

I definitely got the bug modifying my SEVANS kit into an Altered Newberry, and frankly couldn't wait to get cracking on a scratch built TARDIS. So here we go.

Started this weekend to make formers as I have decided to have a crack at some resin moulding, something I haven't done before. Looking around the forum, there are some seasoned experts who've had amazing builds, so I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

I'm going for 1/9 scale to keep it in scale with my existing build. So far its a nice scale to use, which seems to translate nicely. For example, 1 inch is 2mm so out comes the 2mm styrene.

Progress so far below.


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Remember what I said about the helpful scale conversion? My 18mm square beading arrived today - with the addition of styrene strips cut to the appropriate size, I have my pillar former. I rounded/sanded 3 of the corners to simulate the beading.


I also had a crack at the base, using 10mm foamex. This is much thicker than the dims on the prop itself, but I wanted to suppose that it continued to the ground, where the real box has casters.

Foamex cuts and shapes really nicely. Unfortunately I overdid the sanding/shaving for the top mitering, so I'm going to bin it and start again.



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Hi All, sorry for the long absence. I have been getting to grips with silicone moulding and casting in resin and it has been a steep (and expensive!) learning curve. We are getting there though.

One thing I learned quite quickly is that if you have even the slightest seam in a former, where 2 surfaces are not 100% stuck together, you will get a horrible thin "flap" of silicone. This has resulted in a number of wasted efforts, and some time being spent using glue as fine filler and spraying with filler primer on some parts (see sign box and posts).


Also, don't try and do anything slight or fiddly. A good case in point is the disaster I had with windows (not shown) where I assumed one could simply mould the thin little frames alone. What came back was a flimsy, melty mess, so I have now built them as enclosed and sealed 'proper' units with glass installed.

I particularly enjoyed making the post caps for some reason (Shown WIP) from 10mm foamex and .5mm styrene. They are coming out of the moulds very well.


I am now waiting for more silicone to arrive (most of the first lot was binned) and then I will be in a position to make the rest of the components over the coming days.



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Had a crack at the Fresnel today, whilst I wait for more silicone (not cheap this, is it?).

I got lucky with a random discovery of a moth ball on my bedroom floor and realised it would make a good basis as the 'bulge'. I then used appropriately sized washers to stack up either side. A second, appropriately filed moth ball made the lamp cap. At least no insects (menoptra included) will eat it....

Shots of the lamp from season 1 are pretty scarce and what there is is low-res and murky. There's a shot from Marinus and Marco Polo which is quite informative. They show a much thicker rim to the cap, but I have to say I'm not keen and have eschewed accuracy for preference and kept it 'plate' thin.

The final touch, when all is moulded and cast in clear resin will be some wire from a kitchen whisk I just eviscerated, as the struts.


How are you getting on with it?
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Obviously, TARDISbuilders-gate happened and I was unable to update my progress. I thought though, that you might like to see the finished product(s). After I built the Brack, I built another for a friend with the later, simpler lamp housing. Weirdly, I think I prefer this. In hindsight, the windows on both could be better.



Since I had the basis of the Altered, I built one of those too. I made fresh windows for the side panels, so I might end up replacing the ones on the Brack-original.



These look great.

Fantastic job.



You did a great job on them though....especially molding the resin.

I always use plastic milk bottles for window glass. It is pebbled outside and smooth inside, so you get both types of plastic free.
"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes". The 4th Doctor