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1996 Gallifreyan Casket/Chest

Started by LeoCor, Apr 04, 2020, 09:36 pm

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Found this pirate/treasure-style chest in a thrift store. With a bit of modification, I'm hoping to make it into a replica of the chest from the TV movie, which holds the Master's remains. So far, I've removed to of the chains which were on the sides to allow the lid to open a bit further, and added some hooks to hold my TARDIS keys. I plan to add some 3D-printed Seals of Rassilon, and paint the bolts around it gold, which will later be given a black wash. I'd greatly appreciate and advice or thoughts you guys may have!F63D0412-4542-42D4-B228-7C4B73270602.jpeg61253649-3D5A-4C4D-BD1B-E24C26E3124C.jpeg24461173-829C-40C1-B729-3901A7DF6687.jpeg

Cardinal Hordriss

That is so weird, I use a chest just like that to store all my TARDIS keys.
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