SEVANS TARDIS Model Restoration and Customisation

Started by bobjohns, Mar 22, 2020, 04:16 pm

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Quote from: kert gantry on Apr 11, 2020, 11:51 pm
That looks so good.

Yeah, how about a Black Orchid railway platform diorama?

The location isn't far for me, so perhaps I should go and take some photos of it in situ!

Quote from: Volpone on Apr 12, 2020, 02:48 am
Oooh.  I like the darker bottom (scale) 6" or so.  Nice mud and grime spattering up onto if from the pavement.  I'd have never thought to do that but it looks so good.

Cheers - I confess it's not entirely deliberate. The base on this box is black and the prop painters were a bit slapdash, as was I!

Anyway, I'm waiting for my door sign to come in from a well known photo printer, in the meantime Ive used a fairly poor home print off to fill the gap (badly). Despite that, I'm now calling this project finished!

Thanks to all of you for your likes and encouragement.

Here is the finished box. Weird how it looks a different shade of blue in every photo I take, but I think that's par for the course.



Thats stunning, really done an amazing job there! btw was this supposed to be an update or a comment?
No, not the mind probe!



And thanks re comment - hopefully now fixed ;D


That looks fantastic, the paint apps look really good, next project?


Thanks again all, for some really lovely comments. Showing them to my wife is almost convincing her of its merit...almost.

I've definately got the bug now and I'm planning my next box. I will keep with this scale I think, 1/9 so that they can sit next to each other comfortably. At the moment, by a process of elimination I might do a '63 Brachaki. I'm lucky enough to own a Mooncrest Brachaki Altered, so that feels done for now and an 80's I've just done. That leaves me with Newberry's Original flavour and Hudolin, both of which I want to do - but the mitered door panels on the Newberry frighten me and Hudolin is really a chunky 80's box, so 63 it is...

Plus, I have Brachaki decals left over from the SEVANS kit!