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TARDIS Sound to light circuit

Started by robert meakin, Mar 20, 2020, 09:07 pm

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robert meakin

My name is Robert Meakin, I'm a big fan of Doctor Who and I have plans build my own TARDIS and Dalek. The first one I'm planning on building a collapsible TARDIS, which I can take to charity events, photo shoots etc. I have downloaded instructions and watched some great videos, but I have a question: I have the idea to fit mine with sounds and lights which I can activate at the touch of a button. Have any of you done this and if so, what do I need to do? What items will I need and is there an easy to use diagram I can use? I'm not very good with electronics.


No we don't have sounds and stuff but our console runs off of  A transformer that goes from 120 V to  24 volts.

scotland yard

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Hello Robert.

Several people have fitted their TARDISes with sound effects and lights, which can be remotely controlled. They do this with Arduino, Raspberry pi or similar tech.

You'd need other stuff, like the speakers and lights, some wire, and some basic knowledge of programming could come in handy.

I'm not an expert in this subject, so before I give you some ill-advised further comments, I suggest you check out http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?board=92.0, http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=857.0 and browse around, looking what people have done on their builds. Some of the builds have clear explanations and will even include the code, though I can't really remember any specific build to recommend you. You can also look up tutorials on You-Tube.

Hope I've pointed you towards the right direction.

Oh my giddy aunt!!


The easiest way (from my limited point of view) is to buy a Character Options toy and just rip the electronics it of it.

No idea if that'll be loud enough for charity events though. It's loud enough in a domestic situation but it depends where you're thinking if taking it.

Similarly, the flashing light is bright enough indoors but might not be in direct sunlight.

Here's an example: