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Perils of being "FREE FOR USE OF PUBLIC"

Started by cosmicjay, Mar 14, 2020, 11:23 am

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My TARDIS construction is one side as the door to an RV/tiny house for my daughter (see http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=10255)

My daughter has expressed concern about displaying a large "POLICE" on a sign that will be at least some of the time on a road vehicle. Note that this is in the US, where there might be less recognition of the origin of the object. Also, she is concerned about displaying "FREE FOR USE OF PUBLIC" even in small letters on a door behind which she will be living for a time.

So, I would like your help in creatively addressing these concerns.

I am considering alternative words. For instance, I was thinking of:


On the door sign, how about:










Do you have any ideas? Are they as bad as these? I'd appreciate you sharing them anyway!

Rassilons Rod

In the cities in the streets there's a tension you can feel,
The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.

scotland yard

You could go for the Bad Wolf, or alternatively,  you could have the "Out of service" as an extra decal on the door. Or maybe, even though the TARDIS isn't as known on your side of the pond as it is on this side, you could have some faith in people knowing that the police will obviously not place such peculiar and small doors on a caravan, but I've known my fair share of 42-carat plonkers... I'd go for an "Out of service" sign screwed to the door for your case.
Oh my giddy aunt!!


Some interesting concerns I hadn't considered.  I will say, when I first built mine, when the time came to screw the 4 sides together in my yard I started worrying about what the neighbors would think and if I was violating any zoning laws.  One of my neighbors saw me trying to manage it and came over with his screw gun and helped and the neighbor whose kitchen window faced the TARDIS from about 100' away came out his back door and said "Is that a TARDIS?"  I said "well, it's a storage shed, but it *looks* like a TARDIS," and he said "cool" and went back inside.   

The only suggestion I'd make is to engineer the signs so they are easily changeable so if, later, she decides she wants the authentic wording, you can swap them out.  Or even better, make them so they can be interchanged. 

Which reminds me of an early episode of "The A-Team."  The team are impersonating California Highway Patrol and so before they run their scam, they're driving with a big blanket/cozy thing over the lights that has "STUDIO PROP-UNIVERSAL STUDIOS" (or words to that effect) on it so that if a real cop stops them they can say they're delivering it to a set location.  So yeah, maybe the tarp idea. 

And yes, if you have a TARDIS people are going to come up to you no matter what.  Mine is clearly visible from the street at my current house so more than once a year I get someone pulling into my driveway--and I mean all the way in--to get a better look/photo of it. 
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I see your point and had to have a chuckle at the title!

The camper van with 'Free For Use Of Public' could be construed as a touring love machine!

I say nothing either about 'Pull To Open', 'Public Call Box' and 'Assistance Obtainable Immediately' !

How about 'BLUE BOX' instead of Police Box.   (Or is getting onto dodgy movies now?!)

I apologise for not being much help!


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Interesting question.

I have to agree with Volpone.
If you have anything resembling a TARDIS in any public, or even semi-public place, it will draw a lot of attention, whatever your signs say.
(Most people wont even bother to read them properly.)

I have lost count of how many people who spot my TARDIS & can't resist coming into my yard & having a good old tug on the doors ::)