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Jelly Babies and the like

Started by thewhovian228, Feb 26, 2020, 08:50 am

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I will admit it's rather odd; here's this site that focuses upon the construction of fictional time machines using real world materials, and I'm presenting digital models of real life confections.  :-\

What's wrong with this picture?!  :o




Jun 05, 2021, 02:18 am #32 Last Edit: Jun 05, 2021, 02:14 pm by redfern Reason: Uploaded new render with "tweaks".

Stemming from this post...


...here we see the Doctor visiting his favorite sweet shop to restock  his supply of jelly babies.

It turns out I had purchased but forgotten about assets that depict a quasi Victorian styled candy store.  The set contains a bunch of Christmas themed accessories, but when omitted, the "stage" works for other times of the year.

Both Tom Baker's Doctor and the aged proprietor are the same base mesh, Michael 4.  That model (and many others offered at daz3d.com) are designed to "morph" into different characters.


Great pic.

I love Toms scarf, & his likeness is very accurate.

The whole scene has a very nice vintage vibe.

The sweet shop owner is very buff, tho...

My first thought was, "What's Jason Statham doing running a sweet shop?!"   ;)

You could do a whole graphic novel in this style-

It'd look awesome!!




Last night I started re-reading The Iron Legion graphic novel too!   

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Quote from: kutan66 on Jun 05, 2021, 09:54 amLast night I started re-reading The Iron Legion graphic novel too!   

I've very fond memories of the Iron Legion from back in the day. Think I've got the graphic novel somewhere inaccessible upstairs.

Did anyone get the Big Finish version? Was it good?

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I updated my previous post with a new render, attempting to slim down the shop owner and his clothing.  Hopefully without getting too technical, I added a control to "emaciate" the figure and copy that setting to his clothing.  I tweaked his shirt sleeves in particular.  I will note there is a systemic limitation with this particular figure and others from the same range when it comes to the shoulders.  When the arms are lowered, the deltoids tend to bulge, suggesting exercise when one might not want that effect.  There (or were) control sets to counteract effects like this, but this figure and others of the Millennium 4 series are so old that many "add on" packages are simply no longer available.

Anyway, I did what I could without spending days on what I consider a "digital doodle".

Oh, to clarify, this is not meant to be a recreation or adaptation of the "Iron Legion" comic, especially since somebody noted the shopkeeper gets brutally killed.  Nah, I'd like to believe this quaint fellow has a long and relatively happy life.  (Yeah, I realize that seldom happens when somebody meets the Doctor.)

BTW, thanks for the kind words and "up" votes, everyone!




I quite like the idea of the Doctor having acquaintances who he sees regularly, but they never get involved in his adventures & don't die in a horrible way.
I can imagine the sweet shop owner saying to a friend, "There's this crazy guy, wonderful bloke, but quite bonkers, he comes in every six months or so & completely buys me out of jelly babies.
Nothing else, mind you... Just jelly babies... then he always goes off saying he's wanted over the other side of the universe or back in the 16th century.... seriously, you see all sorts in this job!"

(Allsorts... geddit?!  I'll get me coat... :P  )




This relates to my noncanon Doctor costume.  I suspect it is a young 1st Doctor and not a later iteration but that's irrelevant.  The point is, I found the shirt I wear for it at a Target around 2005.  Loved it.  But eventually it wore out and by 2007 even a place like Target didn't have the same shirt again so I had to replace it with something I didn't like as much for a daily wear shirt.  But although (or because?  Hold that thought) it is a bit too ratty to wear daily, if I only break it out for special occasions I can probably get a few more years out of it.  It has French cuffs and I picked up some cufflinks that looked great with it.  And then I lost one.  So when I turned it into a The Doctor shirt, I splurged on some "?" key typewriter cufflinks.  Then one of them broke.  A jeweler friend said he could fix it but that it would wind up costing more than a new set of cufflinks so it went in the change plate with the other cufflink that was missing its mate.  Then I realized I could wear this completely mismatched pair of cufflinks and it would fit with the style of a classic Doctor costume. 

That's a long way to get to the point, but my point is, I feel like the 2nd Doctor was on the mark regarding the Doctor's clothes, in that they were a little shabby in some ways.  The TARDIS (at least in the classic series) wasn't terribly reliable.  And even if it was, you'd have to be at least a little careful to avoid damaging the spacetime continuum to get a shirt or pair of cufflinks.  Or that tie you really liked that you bought in a Mall in Hawai'i.  But what store was it?  After hundreds of years it's easy to lose track.  So it makes sense to me that The Doctor would wear worn out, threadbare clothes, because he found a shirt or a tie or something he really liked and he couldn't get the TARDIS back to where he bought it.  Or he'd already been back enough times and bought up enough versions of it that he couldn't risk bumping into himself or showing up on security cameras in 2 different places simultaneously or something so he had to make do with the last one he had. 

Also, Jelly Babies. 
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