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Newbie Question - Superdec

Started by Jam Jar Lurker, Feb 13, 2020, 05:26 pm

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Jam Jar Lurker

I'm doing some preparation and research before beginning to weatherproof my recently acquired second hand TARDIS.

Has anyone experience of using Sandolin Superdec exterior paint? I've read some pretty good reviews and it appears to expand and contract with the wood.

Does anyone know how it compares to rubber paint? Or if it can be used in conjunction with rubber for the roof?

Many thanks for your time,
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Oh I thought, A weathering question- I'll be able to answer that....

Nope.....  Never used the stuff.....

I have used rubber paint with great success, but not Sandolin....

Maybe you could try it, then let us know if It's any good....!!


shane spangler

I used a product called flexseal latex rubberized roof coating. There are several similar products in the UK.  Initially, my plan was for a freestanding outdoor Box.  However, after having read all of the other builders' horror stories about weatherproofing, I am considering building a small pavilion to go over my Met Box replica. That would shed a good portion of moisture off the roof, which is just a disaster waiting to happen.  As 10 says, "water always wins."
Shane Spangler


Yep.  Can't help on the Superdec.  But I can say plain big box exterior latex paint will work fine with both tar paper (although it takes a few coats because it soaks it up) and that rubberized roof patching compound.  I'd heard it wouldn't stick to Flex-Seal, so interesting to hear that it does. 
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