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Wee Sharp Console for 3.75-inch scale

Started by lespaceplie, Dec 31, 2019, 06:13 pm

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For the new year there's a new project! Quite by accident I discovered 6mm clear red styrene tubes with very thin walls. Sadly, this is too small for 1:13, but it's the slightest hair larger than 1:17. That will be a tiny bit generous for the 3.75-inch figures but quite acceptable.

With some very micro liberties taken for the size of materials, the result will be a rotor housing of 35 mm with the overall width of the console at 144 mm. The base will be made of white & black acrylic to avoid painting (keeps everything sharp).

Eaglemoss did fine considering the parameters of making a product, but I'm confident I can at least best the rotor.

tiny rotor.jpg