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TVM Lamp plan/sketch

Started by danielc, Sep 25, 2019, 12:01 pm

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Interesting notes on there: So the lamp was planed to be painted like the girders, and have a blue light, ok I can maybe see that... not entirely what they mean by 'invert' tho'... Invert what? The lamp? Also, no mention on here of the outer, square housing that actually ended up on the prop(s).
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Yeah.  I know nothing about this particular drawing, but there's always "The Plan" and "As Built."  In fact you'll often go back and do "as built" blueprints for major structures because design changes come up during the build.  I see this has the Pertwee/Baker "diamond" logo which, IIRC, they wanted to use, but they wound up using the other Pertwee logo for whatever reason for the actual show. 

As for "invert," I'm guessing the lantern they planned to use had a closed bottom and an open top.  So rather than cut a hole in the bottom, they were just going to flip it over.  This seems confusing, since it looks like it is after the "add a low dome" step, but I think that's just because the low dome is at the top of the page. 
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