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Gadget Build Diaries / Re: 3 Dark Eyes Sonic Screwdri...
Last post by Davros Skaro - Sep 20, 2020, 12:22 am
Nice job with the emitter end, it's looking really great, keep up the good work.
Virtual TARDISes / Re: Puzzled's Personal Policeb...
Last post by ThePuzzledBoy - Sep 19, 2020, 10:09 pm
I think... I think I'm somewhat finished plotting this out....

Okay, first I though I'd say I wanted to do a bunch of screenshots to round out this little thing -- as a sort of bookend to my first post and sorta go out with a bang.

Then Ctrl+Z stopped working (I guess it's some undiscovered "feature" in SketchUp, if you know what I mean....), and so I just decided to keep on trucking no matter the circumstance.

And then I finished it.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First, the roof!

For some reason, SketchUp had an issue drawing the rectangle I wanted (another undocumented "feature", I presume) to make the first part of the roof. Oh well, ingenuity (or rather, overcomplication) to the rescue!

tardis new 010.png
tardis new 011.png

And now to make the slanted part of the roof!

tardis new 012.png
tardis new 013.png

And then I found out the height in my original LibreOffice Draw plans that I set up would be too subtle a slant for the roof...

tardis new 014.png

so now for some modifications after the fact!

tardis new 015.png

Then the lamp post....

tardis new 016.png
tardis new 017.png

....And then the basis for the lamp and stands themselves....

tardis new 018.png
tardis new 019.png
tardis new 020.png

....Then it's just a matter of modelling a basic lamp and standoffs, and....

...wait... where are the other pictures....

Oh...... :o oh............

So, uh, this is unfortunately where the in-progress pics end, and the final pics begin. Rest assured I did make a lamp and standoffs, to the best that my beginner's modelling expertise could possibly make an attempt at, and so, here are the final pictures!!

But before that, I though I'd mention I thought I made the handle (which is a stand-in anyway for a better-looking handle) a little too close to the door, so I thought I'd extend it a little (and also try to make it look better -- again, to the best of my talents as a beginner modeller with SketchUp)!

tardis new handle.png

I think it looks kinda worse than the original though. Regardless, the final pictures.... (with some digital painting!)

tardis new final front.png
tardis new final sorta three-fourths.png

And finally, a view from the bottom (since I have to take advantage of the uneven ground a rural area has):
tardis new final bottom.png

But yeah, that's my plan-out sorted! (At least for a police box.) But first, I'd like to actually get something of a TARDIS console made, before I can spring for a straight up police telephone box!

Til then, stay puzzled, everyone!
Other Prop Gallery / Classic Dalek CO2 Cryo Gun Fir...
Last post by elkad - Sep 19, 2020, 09:01 pm
I'm trying to make Dalek Fire Extinguisher or Cryo Gun in the party biz, for cheap.
I don't have the money to find a CO2 fire extinguisher or one of those big CO2 tanks.
So I'm going with the next best thing. A paintball tank.
I know alot of you are saying paintball tanks don't work that way, true, but they can be modifide with a dip tube or just turned upside down.


I made a video of my first test to see if it's possible & what type of CO2 containers, tanks, cartridges, will work. I don't have all my tanks & cartridges filled at the moment, but I do have a 1/4 tank filled, or 1/3 with liquid CO2. Quick test to get my hopes fired up.
Cross your fingers, or tenticals if your a Dalek. Hope this works.
18 August 2019

The next challenge I decided to look at next was the clear omitter which would be mounted to the top of the Sonic. This was always going to be an interesting and potentially difficult challenge as I knew creating a moulding and casting the piece may not work as I don't have any kind of vacuum chamber which would remove any of the bubbles. Also purchasing clear cast resin was very expensive. Instead I worked with an inch thick piece of clear acrylic rod, this was sanded roughly into shape. Once I was happy with the initial shaping I started adding further detailing and finer sanding. This process initially took a couple of hours as I used a rotary tool with a small sanding drum. I would later purchase a belt sander which would vastly sped up the process. Even though it would take a long time I did come out with a stunning proto-type for the omitter.




TARDIS Build Diaries / Re: Jam Jar Lurker's Golden TA...
Last post by redfern - Sep 19, 2020, 07:24 pm
Oh!  I thought you personally took those photos from the neighbor's window.  How cool is it that they made that dress for your child?!  Obviously, they must be MAJOR fans!

I'm glad nobody has given you "guff" about the box.  My street doesn't have any kind of "homeowner's association" that tries to police people how they keep their property, and I don't think my neighbors on either side would mind, but reading all these accounts of TARDIS "sheds" suffering the "Logopolis Effect" (read: rotting from weather) is scaring me away from the idea of erecting one.


Quote from: mikey on Sep 19, 2020, 09:46 amI think he has set it to auto reject anything under £350/390.
Want to go half's and loan it to a museum?

I would be up for that!
Which museum would make sense though?

Its a bit of a Moot point though, I see the Auction says "this listing is closed."
I got a notice earlier today that he dropped the price to £375, so its possible it was bought by someone.
Virtual TARDISes / Re: Puzzled's Personal Policeb...
Last post by ThePuzzledBoy - Sep 19, 2020, 06:26 pm
Front doors finished!

tardis new 007.png
tardis new 008.png

Now for the roof!
Other Prop Gallery / Re: 4th Doctor cosplay
Last post by russellsuthern - Sep 19, 2020, 05:30 pm

As long as you guys keep liking this stuff, I'll keep churning it out!

Virtual TARDISes / Re: Puzzled's Personal Policeb...
Last post by ThePuzzledBoy - Sep 19, 2020, 03:46 pm
Huh. It's been a month since I last posted.

Ah well, least I've hopefully made up for it by actually doing the left and right sides!

tardis new 004.png

tardis new 005.png
Here's the left and front sides...

tardis new 006.png
...and the right and back sides!

Good thing Mr. SketchUp Sample Dude's here, otherwise we'd be a little disoriented..... (Okay, we might be a little bit since he's a simple 2D image in a 3D space, but other than that....)

Right, now to hopefully get the front done in a relatively timely fashion.... :P
Model TARDIS Build Diaries / Re: 5.5inch TARDIS Redo
Last post by simon83 - Sep 19, 2020, 02:59 pm
Does anyone have any blueprints of the 1st Cushing TARDIS?
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