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I actually finished the paint jobs on the three Tom Baker miniatures many months ago....I also took a few pictures, and then somehow it all vanished from my mind...Anywobble, last night I was going through some photographs and I found them and thought it was high time to put a few up on the forum. Unfortunately, I have not yet taken any pictures of the figure leaning on the consol. He is still leaning on it atop my desk. But seeing as the console is so far only a mock-up, I have not bothered with that one. ( I will however update this post when I have finally after thirty nine years of procrastination built my console room in 1/48th).
   So, for your amazement and delight, I present Tom Baker in miniature taking a walk around among some rather large reptiles....(Nota Bene; the girl with the Doctor is not supposed to be anyone in particular. Just another one I made in an idle moment..)
   In the next episode, The Doctor meets some very big and very dangerous SeaDevils! Watch this space.....


IMG_7463.jpg IMG_7567B.jpg IMG_7580b.jpg IMG_7587.jpg IMG_7589.jpg  IMG_7615.jpg IMG_7651.jpg IMG_7662.jpg
Brachacki Console / Re: Pilot Episode Console
Last post by danielc - Jul 22, 2024, 08:17 am
I've recreated the rear Photo Blow ups.  Right and one is based from screenshots. Left hand one - far left based on screenshot, valve next to it is from a cg render and tweaked
Right after I posted the last image, I noticed from the set plans that the wall wasn't quite right around the door to Romana's room, so I had to correct that. At the same time I added a pillow to the bed and the glass-and-chrome shelving unit, which already makes it look less like a cell.

Having just watched the Making of documentary for Logopolis, there are five new behind-the-scenes shots of the cloister room, including one that clearly shows the broken ends of the arches, and much better views of the paving on the floor, so while it would have been nice to know about them before doing the modelling, at least I can now match mine to the real one more closely.
Console Build Diaries / Tennant Console Build
Last post by MacktheTardisGuy - Jul 21, 2024, 05:53 pm
So, I'd like to preface this with a disclaimer that progress is going to be in bits and drabs, and it's not going to be accurate by any means. I'll try my absolute hardest to make it as accurate as I can within my means.

So, backstory. I'm putting together a Doctor Who themed play at a theatre I work with. And for years I have wanted a TARDIS Console, but haven't had a valid excuse for it. Now I do.

I decided on the coral console for a few reasons, 1. Because I love it, 2. Because it fits in with the lore of my production.

So I'll begin talking about it now. Currently, all I have done is two of the consoles buttresses, with two more on the way, and some controls.

As my life goes on I'll here and there add more screen accurate parts to replace the custom made ones but that's all subject to circumstance.

I'll attach the photoI have of the first buttress, and when I work on it next I'll update.

For clarification, I don't know any exact measurements and everything is done by eye.
The width of the thinner buttress is 5inches, and the thicker buttress is 8.

TARDIS Gallery / Re: bren carters flatline shru...
Last post by brenk9carter - Jul 21, 2024, 03:02 pm
Quote from: Andrew Harvey on Jul 20, 2024, 05:57 pmWhat an excellent wee model! May I ask, what size it is? Scale or just a made up size?


its about 9.5" tall, and i made it to the plans for the shrunken prop from flatline
Lack of updates for a while due to being on holiday and then having a very frustrating time trying to finish the cloister room bench. Having the photos of the original bench, showing more detail in the sculpting, actually makes it harder to work out how to replicate it. I also had to start again with the bench top after it developed some weird shading errors that wouldn't go away.

Current state, still missing the leaves on the front of the legs:

To ease the mental paralysis with the bench, I added a bed to Romana's room, just to check a standard size single bed would fit and not be hit by the door.
 I'll need to add some more of her possessions, because it looks too much like a cell at the moment! These will include the sofa unit, the metal-and-glass shelving unit and the white hatstand, plus some pictures on the walls. I'll have a go at the folding tree screen thing too. I've ordered the season 18 Blu-ray, which should arrive today, so that will give me a better look at her stuff in both Full circle and Logopolis.
Metbox Catalog / Re: Lea Bridge Library Box
Last post by hb88banzai - Jul 21, 2024, 11:04 am
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Unknown Boxes / [MERGED] Lea Bridge Road, Layt...
Last post by hb88banzai - Jul 21, 2024, 11:03 am
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Love the K9 and the Dalek. Your work is really outstanding!
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