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New, New TardisBuilders!

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Thanks both. Yes I have basic wiring knowledge to make lamps, lighting for bar lamps, steampunk lamps, and "the Internet" from the IT crowd. That was 1 blinking light. This is 65 lights and 10 switches. And probably 120 volts vs a 9 volt battery.

I appreciate the link!!
I think we've established that it's my ancient, wind up computer that's at fault...
So I'll keep quiet!  ;D

Reminds me of what the Master said about the Doctors TARDIS:

"Overweight, underpowered...might as well try to use a second-hand gas stove....."

 :o    ::)    ;D


Other Prop Gallery / Re: 4th Doctor cosplay
Last post by russellsuthern - Today at 04:54 pm
You guys are all very kind- & I'm not pulling your legs- promise!!

I love cardboard. It is my go-to material, mostly for my quick 'n' nasty builds, but often for my more detailed projects as well.

I did see someone had started a full size cardboard TARDIS on TB, but they haven't updated their build diary in a while... shame as it was looking good...

It's an interesting idea, but I don't know where I'd keep it...

One project that has been lurking around in the back of my mind for ages now is to build a life size cardboard Dalek. Especially after seeing one or two amazing cardboard Dalek builds over on Project Dalek.

My idea is to make it in a similar way to how I made my space knights helmet...

A Genesis style Dalek in metallic grey, but all big studs & rivets, battered, gnarled & weathered- a real battle tank!

I'm sure I will get round to it eventually, most of my ideas end up being made in the end, but I just have too many projects bubbling along at the moment!!

Thanks for your interest, everyone,

Other Prop Gallery / Re: 4th Doctor cosplay
Last post by redfern - Today at 02:17 pm
If this were my first exposure to Russell's efforts, I'd suspect he might be pulling our collective legs, using a real timer for the photoshoot and then slapping together that "work in progress" to fool us.


Considering everything he's presented throughout this thread, I'll just have to accept his word, that the timer in the photos is cardboard and plastic containers.  But d*mn me as I too believed the illusion!

I honestly suspect Russell could assemble a life size TARDIS prop primarily out of cardboard (and just enough wood to support the shape) and it would look just as convincing as the years (plural) long labors of plywood, fiberglass, etc. we see throughout this site!

Talk about a "kettle and a bit of string" solution!  And most of the time Russell doesn't need the kettle!


Other Prop Gallery / Re: 4th Doctor cosplay
Last post by Jade - Today at 02:04 pm
OMG that's amazing. Add me to the list of people who thought it was real.
Other Prop Gallery / Re: 4th Doctor cosplay
Last post by phillbarron - Today at 01:35 pm
Add my me too too this - genuinely thought it was real.
Looking fine for me too.  It could be the browser or the OS too (or something I'm not even thinking of).  In some ways, I miss the old days of computers with 64K or RAM, no hard drive, and a 256K floppy for memory.  Because you could pretty much understand everything that was going on.  Modern computers with dedicated broadband network connections do so much stuff in the background that it's almost impossible to know what's going on. 
Quote from: Volpone on Oct 09, 2020, 06:10 amI should remember this thread for the "what color of blue should I use" posts.  Because it illustrates the challenges of blue so well.  Half the photos are a perfect TARDIS blue and half the photos it looks almost toothpaste green.   Blue changes so much, depending on the lighting. 

That, and that everyone's screens are invariably slightly different.
Other Prop Gallery / Re: 4th Doctor cosplay
Last post by russellsuthern - Today at 11:22 am
Ha! Nailed it!
I'm a happy man.

PS: I'm doing my little happy dance now.

PPS: You don't want to see my little happy dance... :o


Weird indeed!
I'm on a laptop-
Maybe it's my computer that's at fault?

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