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Metbox Catalog / Re: V30 Southeast corner of ju...
Last post by peterjohn - Today at 09:05 am
The box couldn't of been out on the main road for many years as by October 1955 it had already been moved from it's original Site...

London Road (9th Oct 1955).jpg
Non-TARDIS-like Police Boxes / Re: Luton Police Box
Last post by mikey - Today at 09:04 am
Another survivor, it's been in this garden since the late 60s and has had a new front added at some point. Utterly bizarrely I have known the owners daughter for the last 10 years and the subject of police boxes had never come up between us.






Police Box History / Re: The High Wycombe Boxes
Last post by hb88banzai - Today at 08:41 am
Yeah - I came across this photo way back when we first researched the High Wycombe boxes, but unfortunately it doesn't show this box's location, which by that time was just out of frame on the left.

Per the ordnance survey maps, it seems the London Road Box was resited by the late 60's, probably when the old vacant area was developed.

Here are excerpts of the 1967 and 1968 OS maps showing the new location in the forecourt of The Pheasant P.H. (Box marked "P C B" at centre of each map):

1967 1:1250 OS map --

London Road at Gordon Road - 1967 (1-1250)--cropped.jpg

1968 1:2500 OS map --

London Road at Gordon Road - 1968 (1-2500)--cropped.jpg
Metbox Catalog / Re: V30 Southeast corner of ju...
Last post by dr hue - Today at 08:35 am
Don't think its P48

1964 map


Also P48 commissioned  05-Jan-49  to  26 Jun 70
Metbox Catalog / Re: V30 Southeast corner of ju...
Last post by hb88banzai - Today at 08:25 am
Sorry, forgot to mention, but I searched for "Mill" as well - even less to choose from there, at least as far as street names.
Police Box History / Re: The High Wycombe Boxes
Last post by peterjohn - Today at 07:10 am
My latest research indicates to me that the Four High Wycombe Boxes were only there from 1949 to sometime before 1969.....
The "Britain From Above" photos shows the box in London Road on the 6th May 1949 in its original state before being painted.
This photo shows that it was already gone by 7th February 1969..
Now I'm guessing it was removed whenever that building was built behind where it stood (on what was wasteland) ???

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Member Fan Film Gallery / Re: Allons-y aka Geronimo!
Last post by karsthotep - Apr 10, 2021, 09:35 pm
always a blast to watch your video's man

I'd love more of his files to be available in future, but I understand that at the end of the day it's his work and his choice. But nevertheless, they are fantastic  ;D  ;D
Hello all,

Recently I have stumbled across whocollector's work and it is frankly fantastic. Props to him, go check him out! I saw he had files available on thingiverse, so I decided to have a go at printing my own box.

So far I have printed the doors, walls, base and signboxes. I purchased some sticker paper which came to be extremely handy for the signs. I painted the parts using Rustoleum painter's touch, and weathered using acrylic wash.


Since this photo I have painted the side you see on the left, and I am now printing the frames.

Can't wait for the final product!

Small rotor update.


I got the LEDs attached to all of the plastic guide rods. I was hoping the frosted glass spray paint would do a better job of diffusing the lights, but it's not too bad. The top section of the rotor is not currently connected to the motor because the glue attaching the acrylic rings to the wooden drive plate (? I'm making these names up) isn't holding. I'm not sure if there is any type of glue that would create a strong enough bond between wood and acrylic, so I am getting some threaded bolts to hold the whole assembly together.

Also bought a new motor which will hopefully be quieter, as well a mount for the motor that will rotate the central mast (which I still need to build). And I'm swapping out the fishing line that I was using for the pulley system for a more rigid cord. The fishing line was stretching as it moved up and down causing the bottom rings to lose 2 inches of their full range of motion.

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