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DVD Cabinet while on work shutdown

Started by bakerstreet, Jul 26, 2014, 02:15 am

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For my post I would like to show  off the DVD cabinet I built while on a weeks winter shutdown.  I used the Newbery plans to make a 1/2 scale DVD cabinet from the scrap wood in my shed.  I have had a problem with the wood changing shape after painting and gluing because of the amount of moisture lost due to sitting in the shed with 45°C summers.  I will give it six months to settle and re hang the doors to align them.  My favorite bit of the build was making it bigger on the inside. ;)


I have drawn up the plans for a Tardis Sub Woofer for my next build and just need to get a back plate amplifier to drive it.   I will have to make a build diary for that one.

Thank you for looking.
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She looks very nice! I can make out a few of the DVDs you've got in there: quite a few of 'Doctor Who' of course, 'Sherlock', 'Torchwood', 'Star Wars', 'Paul' (lots of SF-related ones! Cool!). 'Coupling'? (I can think of a different meaning for 'SF' with that one! ;) ;))

Any 'Sarah Jane Adventures' or the 'K-9' in there?

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Yes, a lot of SF in there.  There is a whole family's collection in there so the spread of genre is pretty wide.  No K9 or Sarah Jane I am afraid.  Even thought the K9 series was apparently made by an Australian network I have not seen it and I have not come across any Sarah Jane in AU either. :(

My teenagers are into Anime in a big way and I will have to create another cabinet to hold that collection, but it will have to appear on another forum.
Stuck in time and space.


Thank you for posting! I'm a building something similar but as a bar. My challenged brain couldn't figure out if if would open properly. This helped put me at ease.