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Quote from: Andrew Harvey on Today at 08:43 amNever fails to make me laugh! Great pictures by the way. Which art gallery did you land in?
It's the louvre. I'll have to visite Orsay at some point to
Never fails to make me laugh! Great pictures by the way. Which art gallery did you land in?
"To me, one of the most wonderful things about this piece is its curious...afunctionalism.  ...and since it has no cause to be here, the art lies in the effect that it *is* here." 
TARDIS Build Diaries / Re: A Met Box Build
Last post by fivefingeredstyre - Aug 07, 2022, 06:10 pm
Actually, I fibbed...

Amazon arrived with the floor vents and hole cutter, so...


There's some tidying up to do (you can't see it there but there are a lot of screw heads that need filling and some paint that needs touching up) but its feels like progress getting the floor fitted...

And here's how we are currently looking

TARDIS Build Diaries / Re: A Met Box Build
Last post by fivefingeredstyre - Aug 07, 2022, 03:06 pm
OK, its been a while since I updated this thread.

If you recall when I last updated I'd not long lifted the box up in the air and put it on 15mm Acrylic pads to give the underside some ventilation and help the box to dry out.

Basically the plan was to let the box continue to dry out over the winter whilst I build an office in the garden for the Girlfriend to work out of; however Storm Eunice came to call back in February and this happened to the house as her parting shot...

Eunice says Hi!.jpg

As you can imagine, this put me back a bit as I had to organise the repair work...

And then we got COVID...

Once we got over that I had to make a start on her ladyships office. Which took a while, but actually looks lovely.




(I'm not going to take all the credit for that though. The manufacturers built it, I just did the inside...)

I also had to respray the back end one of one of my cars as well, which set me back a few more weeks...

But. All in all its been a busy 10 months, and all the while these distractions were occurring my Police box has been happily drying out even more, which has also been helped by the heatwave we've had this month.

So now its on to the fun part...

This is what the box looked like once I'd stripped the rotten wood from the inside.


I know, right... Total horror show!

The posts that were designed to hold up the roof had completely rotted through at the base level and the roof was effectively only being held up by the outer corner post cladding! I'd also broken out the old floor as well, which was completely rotten through


As an aside - all the while this was going on, this nosy bugger was keeping me company!


Anyway... Over the last couple of weeks I've set about patching the inside up, and it now looks like this.



I've strengthened the rotten post by adding another 3x3 post each side of the original and replaced the cross bar post underneath the sign box. This is secured with massive screws through into the original posts at higher level which I'm hoping will be more than enough to take the weight of the roof...



Once I finished painting the walls I replaced the rotten floor structure (remembering to sit this on more acrylic pads) and set about laying in the floor panels.

Unfortunately I've hit a lull here as I'm waiting for floor ventilation grills to arrive, and i'm not laying the floor in until these have been fitted.

So consequently, this is as far as I've got...



I've still got loads of work to do yet. As the outside has been drying out for the last 10 months or so cracks have appeared everywhere, so I've another round of chasing around the box with filler to do before I start to make it blue again. But that wont happen until I've finished the inside and reinstated all the electrics.

No rest for the wicked...
I'm always impressed how much your models end up looking full size once you've lit and photographed them outside.
Gadget Reference / Re: Fluid Link 1965
Last post by museumdave - Aug 07, 2022, 01:00 pm
When I was a kid I had a glitter wand.  From my fuzzy recollection it looked a lot like that fluid link unit, white ends and all.  of course this was a few years back...
Absolutely superb! The first three pictures with the box outside in the dark are ACE! It really looks like the old Doctor has landed somewhere at war.
Other Prop Workshop / Re: Silurian Era Globe
Last post by fivefingeredstyre - Aug 07, 2022, 10:43 am
Fantastic. Well done. I love it when people make some of the more minor props from the show :)

nice work with the Pangea land masses!
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