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Time Monster console room

Started by silverfox, May 23, 2014, 07:15 pm

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One quick adjustment later and it's a completely different time machine :)

I'm going to model the different gooseneck microphone seen on the Master's console although when we first see him enter his ship it is as it is shown here.

d33j r093r5

Hi there, fantastic rendering you've done on this version interior and console!

I'm actually in the process of making this particular console room a reality, albeit scaled to the 5" CO range of figures, which I do with a 3D printer. I have started a build diary for it here:


Haven't started printing yet, as you can see, however in looking for references in order to 3D model it, I did come across your model very early on in the piece, and using your images and the Brachaki TARDIS 50th Anniversary Blueprints, kindly produced and posted by Tony Farrell, was able to work up a model very quickly in Solidworks. I haven't yet modeled the controls, but again, I'm using your images as a reference. They're what's currently as a placeholder on the console, until I get around to modelling them.

I notice you use as a general rule an angle of 30 degrees between your walls. That's essentially the same as I came up with too, although the angle on the Main Door Wall with the first 6-Roundel wide wall looked sharper than that to me, so I have it at an angle of 55 degrees. It's interesting though, when you go through looking at freeze-frames in the episodes of The Time Monster, that the references between walls actually varies. I think they altered positions of walls for various screen-shots. The main console room (I think) is not supposed to be as large as it is in a screen-accurate model, it just IS in order to get the camera angles!  ??? I'm guessing of course, however, there is a telling shot of Katy Manning sitting on the floor of the console room with the camera looking down from above. She is sitting between the console and a 4-roundel wide wall AND you can see the 2 adjacent walls at fairly equal angles and also reasonable equidistant from the console, something that is just not possible on the wider angle shots

As it is, yours are the BEST images of modelling the console I have come across, I'm going to use them for sizing and placement, if that's ok with you. I'm also wondering if you finished the other 3 panels, and if so, if you have images of them I could likewise use, again if that's ok with you. Will make my job a lot easier...  ;D

I have previously modeled a 5" scale 80's Console Room (used from the Five Doctors onward). If you want to check it out, here's the link:


Essentially, that's the same as I'm hoping to do once I have finished modeling the Time Monster interior and and console...


Glad you've found it useful, d33j r093r5
No problem with the rest of the images - I'll post the remainder of the panel details in a day or 2.
Can't wait to see your scale version!

d33j r093r5

Thanks for that, much appreciated.  :)  ;D  :)


As promised, here are the renders of the remaining three panels of this particular layout:

Firstly the panel that Pertee uses as the materialisation control


comes complete with a plastic double light switch and, for this story only, a gooseneck microphone.
I can't verify that the numbers, 763 5-4, are what was actually used as I can't get a clear shot of them.
I used them as they were featured on a 1/6 scale model (featured here, I believe) with the thought that the builder may have better references than me - and if not, then the numbers are as good as any.


Not too much to say about this panel. Probably the closest in layout to the original Hartnell version apart from the coloured pinstriping and the removal of the round plates under the indicator (ping pong) lamps

and here's a layout of the panels together (central rotor omitted for clarity and because it kills my render times)


d33j r093r5

Thanks for that! But there are only 2 of the remaining 3 there. In any case, I didn't realise you still had to go and render each image of the console panels, I thought you just had to re-align the console and take a screenshot. Sorry if I've put you to bother over that, I know rendering can take a long time, and I can work without the last image (it'll just take longer). So if it's an issue, don't worry about the remaining 1, I can make do. And thank you very, very much for taking the time to do what you have for me.  :)


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I just noticed d33j r093r5 is right...
The green arrow above highlights the panel that hasn't been rendered yet. With all of the other panels being rendered in such detail, it would be nice to see that last panel come to life.

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Apologies for the delay - I had the missing panel rendered but Photobucket was playing up..


If anybody wants any other renders or details about this console room, just ask :)

d33j r093r5

 ;D you're a star! thanks again!  :)


Wow, beautiful. I do quite like those rounds. If I had a TARDIS , I would have roundels like that!
No, not the mind probe!