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Classic Dalek CO2 Cryo Gun Fire Extinguisher

Started by elkad, Sep 19, 2020, 09:01 pm

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Sep 19, 2020, 09:01 pm Last Edit: Sep 19, 2020, 09:03 pm by elkad
I'm trying to make Dalek Fire Extinguisher or Cryo Gun in the party biz, for cheap.
I don't have the money to find a CO2 fire extinguisher or one of those big CO2 tanks.
So I'm going with the next best thing. A paintball tank.
I know alot of you are saying paintball tanks don't work that way, true, but they can be modifide with a dip tube or just turned upside down.


I made a video of my first test to see if it's possible & what type of CO2 containers, tanks, cartridges, will work. I don't have all my tanks & cartridges filled at the moment, but I do have a 1/4 tank filled, or 1/3 with liquid CO2. Quick test to get my hopes fired up.
Cross your fingers, or tenticals if your a Dalek. Hope this works.


In the build manual, the movie Dalek guns didn't have spacer rings on the front & back of the gun. The guns ribs were welded on to a section of metal pipe. I did the best I could with 1" PVC & hanger wire. I made sure the holes were a tight fit to the hanger wire when I glued them.

Dalek Cryo Gun M1001.jpgDalek Cryo Gun M1002.jpgDalek Cryo Gun M1003.jpg

This is the measurement of the entire pipe, from the tip of the barrel to the back where the cap & air gun is attached.

Dalek Cryo Gun M1011.jpg

When I glued the Christmas ornament half's together, I forgot to air out the ball.
Dalek Cryo Gun M1004.jpg

TIP; When drilling the hole, DO NOT drill all the way to the full inch. The pipe was slightly smaller than the drill hole & wasn't a tight fit. I drilled the second hole one space down & Dremaled the rest to a tight fit.

Dalek Cryo Gun M1005.jpgDalek Cryo Gun M1005.jpgDalek Cryo Gun M1006.jpg

Spacing for gun ribs at the front & back.

Dalek Cryo Gun M1009.jpgDalek Cryo Gun M1010.jpg

The back cap & air gun attachment.

Dalek Cryo Gun M1008.jpg

All I need now is a bottle of CO2.

Dalek Cryo Gun M1012.jpg