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Bobby's Bobby Box

Started by rob, Aug 24, 2019, 08:43 pm

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My thoughts, coming to the same conclusion is that 1 door is simpler and stronger too. 

Since my build was for storage, about 50% of me wishes I'd made the door open out, but having it open in was a lot simpler.  And if it would have opened out I couldn't have done my refit as easily (when I built mine, it wasn't very accurate, but I figured a way to make it much more accurate with minimal modifications). 
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One door for strength is another good reason. I can tell now that it is stronger and I'm sure that if I had created two, the sides would wobble!


Oct 10, 2019, 10:09 pm #17 Last Edit: Oct 10, 2019, 10:18 pm by rob
My roof will be created with the same design as the 'Brachacki' TARDIS. I have decided to build it in three stages. This is the first stage: covering the roof with roof felt...

As you will have read before, the roof is made up from a wooden pallet and a sheet of wood screwed on top. I painted the sheet of wood with white gloss paint to keep it shielded from water damage. I then used roof felt adhesive - thickly - and stuck down the roof felt. The next stage will be to build on top the next section.

I chose to do it this way so that it limited any chance of water damage to the main box. If the sections  on the roof get damaged, they will be more easily replaced in the future.



I don't want to jinx you, but that seems like it is going to be a very "bulletproof" way to do the roof.  The only downside I can see is that there is no way to inspect for water intrusion between layers.  But there really isn't anything to rot between the layers and this way if a layer *does* fail, it is modular so you can just swap in another layer.  I guess it could be a bit heavy, so you have to make sure it is supported.  But that shouldn't be a problem. 
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As you can see from previous posts, there are four signs painted and ready for the words: 'Police Box'!

They are made using a solid piece of wood with a 6mm ply mounted on the front to create a border. I have used filler and black gloss to seal any gaps. I'm hoping it is water proof by now!



I've been very busy recently doing my best to create the features that run under the 'Police Box' signs.

I have managed to get them flush with the centre strip and I'm happy with the width of each 'step'.

I'm now needing some dry, warm days to glue and screw them into position!



The features are in place! Next step... the door...



Jan 01, 2020, 10:35 pm #22 Last Edit: Jan 06, 2020, 08:52 pm by rob
Over Christmas, I've been able to have a few hours to work on the doors. I managed to do some 'features' above the doors but my challenge now is to reinforce the doors and add the panels to them.

To reinforce I will be adding a frame to the inside. This should reduce the bend in the thin ply wood I inherited. The panels are technically already there. I will be adding the surround to each panel.

I've re-checked my measurements and cut into my wood. The wood came free as a friend had removed the wood panelling from their kitchen. I received stacks of wood that I had to reduce in thickness to get my desired 1cm depth. Time consuming but free!

This is the underside of each panel. I've given the a coat of black gloss to hopefully hold off any potential problems in the future.


4th January

I've made a frame for the inside of the door. This should make it sturdy. The outside of the door has had the wood glued and screwed into place.


6th January

Final section is in place!

Just had a bit of fun placing the 'St John's Ambulance' sign in place. Looking good! This is the door and I am only making my TARDIS with one door so the rest will be attached straight on to each side. I will have to think through a new way of keeping them in place whilst I screw them from inside.

The next step here us to sand the joins so they are flush and then paint!



Jan 29, 2020, 10:17 pm #23 Last Edit: Jan 29, 2020, 10:18 pm by rob
It has been a trying time!

After the work I put into the door, I realised that the door curved! I couldn't undo all the features I had glued and screwed into place so I have reinforced the door to bend it back.

I used brackets but most of the work has been cutting into the wood on the back of the door, inserting a wedge and forcing the door straight. Amazingly it worked!


I have now put the door into place and chosen the position of the handle! Next step will be to work on the other side...



Feb 03, 2020, 10:29 pm #24 Last Edit: Feb 03, 2020, 10:43 pm by rob

Over the last few days, I have been gluing and screwing into place the pieces of wood to make the panels on the other side of the door.

To do this, I glued the vertical strips - with panic as I placed the first one on the wrong side! I had cut one piece 1.5cm wider than the other to allow the midway divider to cover the extra wood. I had to remove the screws and pull it off. With glue on the wood as well as the box, I had to attach two pieces of wood into position frantically!


Later, I glued on the horizontal pieces using my wooden markers to ensure 37cm between pieces.


After they were in place, I used filler to fill in the gaps before sanding and painting. I also had a little fun in attaching the 'St John's' badge and the 'Police Box' letters. The letters are not the final ones, but for now... looking good!

Great results and I'm looking forward to working on the next three sides!


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Can you help me decide?

I spent sometime at the weekend working on the door sign. As you can see, the frame is made and it has an undercoat on it. The handle, sign and hinges are bought however I have two questions:

1) Do I paint it white or blue?
2) Do I make it a real door to a phone or leave it as a facade?

What do you think?


White or blue is tied to the windows.  White windows, white door panel.  Blue windows, blue door panel.  As for which, that I can't help you on.  I've had it both ways on my TARDIS.  It's all blue right now.  But it looked quite sharp with the white trim. 

Opening or facade, mine is a facade but I've always meant to retrofit it into a functioning door.  It's just a very low priority right now.  Especially since I don't have a phone to put in it.  I will say I did have a garden party once and a friend ripped the phone panel off, trying to open it.  People really expect a TARDIS to be bigger on the inside, I think. 
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That's a good looking sign.
White trim will stand out more, but it's up to you...
Maybe start with white, then if you don't like it go over it with blue?
I built a cubby hole & a working door to test my skills & I'm so glad I did, as I still love opening the door to see a phone nestling behind it. ;D
Many people do just have it as a fake facade, though. I suppose it depends if you are building the box just to look at, or if you are going to spend lots of time playing with it.. ;)

Good luck either way!




If it helps I'm doing a newbery which I think had a fixed telephone door panel, but I'm goner make it a working one cause I've always liked the scene in logopolis where the (newbery altered master's Tardis) is in the console room where the phone is hanging out every time adric keeps opening it and each time Tom keeps putting it back in the deeper they go. Always really liked that scene.


Thank you all! I'm so torn between a real and a facade!

Great points made by all. The windows are going to be white so the frame should too. I'm really nervous about someone pulling hard on a fake door but I'm not too keen on using up space on the inside for something I'll hardly use. However... to open a door to a phone is something fun and special!

Keep answering folks!