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Matt Smith's TARDIS

Started by chainsaw, Jul 20, 2009, 04:54 pm

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I've moved some posts from here that were drifting into different topics:

[ref topic=1665]Matt Smith's TARDIS Handbook[/ref]
[ref topic=1667]Working with Woodstain[/ref]

This topic is for observations about the prop itself (that are useful for reference when building replicas).



The cover of the handbook alone is a great reference for getting the face sides of the TARDIS looking right.  The only thing off in the perspective is the roof angle, which can be inferred from other reference pics.
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Taking another look at this pic:

Quote from: durhamdev on Apr 30, 2010, 01:33 pm

The grain does not match up on the panels. It is similar, but it does not flow through like it was one piece. So it looks to me like these are made from the type of rail and stile with floating panel construction that Norm Abrams does, not by attaching wood to a sheet of ply like the sides.

The narrower edge on the hinge side is interesting. That was probably done by trimming the panel to size after construction.

Looking at the windows it also looks to me like the outer edge is slightly narrower than the muntins. This would be consistent with the windows being made from 3/4" stock all the way round with a slight overlap (3/16" say) on the outer edge. So the muntins are 3/4" but the outer edge only 9/16".

Alternatively, they used slightly thicker stock for the edge of the frame.


Wow, nice bit of research and pictures...
You're right about the doors being made as frames with panels - seen it u close for myself last year, and at DWE. The walls are indeed made differently.
It's a funny thing but I didn't like this box when it first arrived, but now I love it!
I love the wood grain and some Stewards have often discussed seeing the distinctive patterns on DVD and comparing them to the prop close up.
The picture below, shows the mistake the propsman made, by hand painting the StJohn's Ambulance sign on the wrong side, where the door pull sign goes... He was so upset, when I pointed this out...poor sod, must've been hungover LOL!
MBH  :)

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But you know, when this other prop gets set to pasture, that "mistake" will become a distinctive feature that will help with verification when it has to be verified.  Just unscrew of the door sign and see what lies behind it.
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