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Jenny's Sonic Gauntlet

Started by mr mcgoo, Sep 08, 2014, 11:01 am

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mr mcgoo

Sep 08, 2014, 11:01 am Last Edit: Sep 18, 2018, 05:40 pm by The14thDr
These are taken from Rubbertoe's Facebook page. There are many more photos that show the construction of the hairpin and the gauntlet.



Thanks mr mcgoo! Do you know what date these photos were posted on the FaceBook page? I've just spent the last half an hour trawling through their page and I got about halfway through 2013 when I just gave up. In all that time and didn't find or see any mention of the props they built for Deep Breath. Also, do you happen to know if they posted any photos of the Sonic Lorgnette, because that's the one I'm desperate to add to my collection.

Kind regards, The14thDr :D
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I snapped a few pics at the experience of the gauntlet and its surprisingly simple to replicate, I have several of the parts for it at home :P




Hope these help



Sep 15, 2015, 05:23 pm #3 Last Edit: Sep 15, 2015, 05:39 pm by galacticprobe
Here's some parts ID:
Grey arrow, small ball compass, like the kind you find on keychains;
Pink-ish arrow, ordinary ON/OFF toggle switch;
Orange arrow, tire pressure gauge;
Yellow arrows, large fuse holder;
Green arrow, green LED (and possibly, Thank you, Captain Obvious);
Red arrow, small fuse holder or small battery holder;
Blue arrow, possible thumbwheel-set dials, but they also look like they could be gear/motor-driven... there's some sprockets at the very bottom of those in this image, one black right under the number wheel, and a gold one just to its left, meshed in with it.

The rest of this - aside from the obvious wires - I have no idea, other than they may all be scratch-built.

I hope this is helpful. And a massive THANK YOU! to BioDoctor900 for not only taking these (and all those other photos), but for also sharing them with us; you're mazing, my friend!

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