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What would be your perfect console room?

Started by zebaroth, Aug 18, 2008, 04:15 am

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The Rani console room. It seems like the console would be an interesting build.


Something cosy, with bookshelves and knickknacks scattered around the room. A bed/couch to sit on, an umbrella stand with some umbrellas, a cane, and a sword, with the walls painted in the same colour green as the original Console. The Console itself is a bunch of switches, levers, dials, gauges, knobs, and keyboard keys. A Capaldi inspired Demat lever. There's a basement room in my house that fits all of this already, except a Console. Eventually there'll be a Console, but not yet.


tbh my perfect console room would be a large space (similar to the 2013-2017 room) made largely of wood or quarts or something organic with a wooden console in the centre on a raised platform and the room just being covered in bookshelves armchairs and other things to make it fell homely.. y'know, lived in

Cardinal Hordriss

Quote from: Cardinal Hordriss on Aug 12, 2018, 11:22 am
I'd have deep roundels like the 60's console room but use them as shelves. Same style doors too.

Workbenches and furniture similar to Capaldi's.

No implication of bio-tech at all. If TARDISes were grown why does the first Doctor have such a hard time accepting that it's alive and then states it is definitely a machine but as alive as a machine can be.

Classic style time rotor not a ceiling joined one.

A few interesting artifacts on display.

A giant roundel as the scanner that has a fluid motion like the screen on the bridge of a Lucrehulk ship from Star Wars.

Can't think of anything else other than a couple of droids lol.


An airhockey table.

A fitted booze fridge that refills like the pins in a bowling lane (see Absolutely Fabulous special: Gay)

Will quoting myself damage the space-time continuum?

Additional -

I'd have those things from the Hartnel console that are in front of the fault locator as teleports so there'd be a control unit and holder for teleport bracelets somewhere nearby.

I'd also need charger alcoves in the wall somewhere for Dozer (R4-DZ) and other astromech friends and a trolley for ORAC to sit on.

A few oriental rugs on the floor.
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Personally I think mine would be a big dome shaped room with doors like 13's with classic white roundels on the walls broken up with arches around the doors to the interior and around Capaldi style book cases and I would have a the floor on two levels one going around the whole room on the same level as the doors then the middle would be two steps down to the console witch would be classic in style with classic time column with green lit rods about 8 inside and the console would be painted that off green color and around the base would be a foot wide strip of orange light all the way around there would be comfy chairs and worn old looking tables cluttered with stacks of books, all sorts of different technologies in various stages of assembly and of course a hat stand