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The Saint: The Contract (1965)

Started by domvar, Nov 22, 2012, 11:56 pm

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It's S65 at Bignell's Corner.

I was reading an article that discussed location shooting for The Saint series and that they always tried to stay very close to Elstree Studios where it was filmed. So using this I decided to take yet another look using the Metbox Map and started to get very suspicious that it might be at Bignell's. Saw that the Middlesex Arms would have to be the outdoor Pub/Restaurant scene and took another look on Google to see if anything popped up (it didn't eight months ago, last time I looked) and Bingo! Popped up on a fan site discussing filming locations as where the Pub scene in "The Contract" was filmed.

So Bignell's it is. It's just a very different angle on the Box than we had in the only other shot of it we've seen, that publicity still from the 1939 BBC program on driving errors that was filmed on the Bypass. That shot was essentially looking across and down the road that runs towards the Pub on the right of these shots.


Excellent bit of  observation and deduction work Banzai!   :)


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It certainly was a head scratcher for awhile.

By the way, that blurry bit to the right of the Met Box is a GPO Kiosk. Confirmed on the OS Map. It looks smaller here because due to the filming angle relative to the layout of the roads it's actually a little further away.


I had to post this wonderful Colourised Version of the 1939 Publicity Shot......

What do you think?

S65 Bignells Corner, Barnet (Colourised)(1939).jpg


I'm thrilled, frustrated, amazed, and confused all at once.  So this is a 1965 production?  But the box has blue windows and a white "POLICE BOX" sign?  And the publicity photo is from...1939!?  That's a long time in production. 

All kidding aside, a nice find.  But so sad that it is colorized.  I wish there was a way to validate said colors.  A nice, classic pre-war box.  I like the shade of blue.  And I like that the "neutral smoked" panes are actually neutral, instead of them blue of the Barnett box.  It's just too bad we're at the mercies of an artist to know if the colors are accurate or not. 
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Well, this is annoying. These last two posts hadn't shown in my list of recent unread topics/posts so I somehow missed them.

Pete - very cool colour version. Did you colourise it, or did you find it somewhere?

volpone - The hi-res colourised photo is not from the "Saint" episode (or were you just making a joke at the unexplained juxtaposition?), but rather from a still photo shot for the Daily Herald during the filming/taping of an early BBC public information piece on traffic errors done in 1939, which I finally deduced was made at Bignell's corner. The confusion of the very early Mark 3 top signs seemingly in a 1965 Saint episode is more than understandable.

The original postings concerning the 1939 photo start here -- http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=693.msg46871#msg46871.

Info on the photo and a png (lossless compression) version of it can still be found here -- http://www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/Collection/Photography/DailyHeraldArchive/CollectionItem.aspx?id=1983-5236/10097.

And yes, I really do have to get around to posting a "Bignell's Corner Box" Topic in the Metbox Catalog.