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Five Doctors Console at Doctor Who Experience

Started by peterdalek, Feb 20, 2011, 10:09 pm

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That is beautiful! Thanks for posting these pics!
I would love to see the old Longleat console you own in that surrounding set.
It looks very atmospheric.
May I ask was the timerotor synced up correctly with the apropriate sound effects when you went?
MBH :)
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They did appear to be synced up, I've got to say it was awesome to see and hear. I took some video footage on my phone, I should upload it.

Oh yes my console would love that surrounding.
Maybe one day  :)



Fantastic!!!! Now we get to see more of the labels on the Console Buttons!!! Very Cool. And there are a few buttons I hadn't seen before on some of the other panels. Really excellent photos! Thank you. :D
why doesn't the Guide mention them? - Oh, it's not very accurate.
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I was watching the Peter Davison video from Gallifrey One (as it's an almost daily thing for me) and something was bugging me about Panel 1 with the door control.  I paused it and discovered some of the buttons are wrong!  Attached is the pic taken of the panel in the early 1990's before restoration for the 30th anniversary.  The two below are from Peter's video.  I think you'll see some blatant (and not so blatant) differences.
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Quote from: DoctorWho8 on Feb 27, 2011, 07:04 pm
I paused it and discovered some of the buttons are wrong! 

Uh, I can't really notice thing different in the two


Here's a clue: look the central section with the 4 insets, particularly with the middle two with the red-trimmed screens. Also notice the color of the flip switches to the left of those sections.
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I see what could be a white toggle switch where there was a red one, could be a trick of the light and two of the buttons that had fallen out have been replaced.


While we have been discussing changes made to the console while it has been refurbished, I wonder if anybody knows what happened to the red sections of the time rotor - the pics of the console at the Experience seem to show only the crystal 'wedding cake' whereas it used to have red detailing?


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DoctorWho8 you still haven't told us what the changes are

edit: Oh, the scrabble tiles under the right hand blinky screen have been replaced with computer keys, is that it?





Are they actually scrabble pieces, or just buttons?


As a quick aside does any one know if they still plan on opening/moving the DWE to Cardiff in a year or two?


Hey guys...

As far as i've been able to tell, the paddle switches on most of the console panels were changed around quite frequently. As I've been building my console and researching what coloured switch goes where, I've noticed that the colour of some changed as early back as (probably) Planet of Fire. When I installed my paddle switches into my first panel, and then went to reposition them, the lever actuator part of the switch tends to come out with fairly little persuasion. So I recon that as the switches on the console prop would probably have seen some pretty hard times over the years, it's very likely that as they've fallen out, they've been replaced by whatever actuator could be obtained at the time.

BTW, the scrabble tiles are not actually scrabble tiles. That's just what i've used on my build as I can't find anything that's similar to what would have been used on the prop. I've been told that they are buttons that can be found on range hoods - obviously ones that would have been sold back in the 70s and 80s. Scrabble tiles are not exactly square either. They're a couple of mm taller than they are wide.

Hope this info is of some help?! :)