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1996 TV movie wooden TARDIS build

Started by alextheyellowthing, Nov 28, 2020, 03:24 pm

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Tv movie it is then. I got home work to do because i don't know much about this box, and it looks like its quite an obscure topic. I'll be replicating the full size prop (the model one as a couple différences from the full size prop) in the same scale i did for my NSDW A/B (new series 1 to 3) box and the NSDW J (new series 11 to now). Wich is about 1/7 scaleish.

I'll 3d modeling it in fullsize like i did for the others (i'll might create other groups for the other in comming projects that i already have modeled.

So, about this box. First i looked for pictures of refrence, a tricky part to find will be the paint. Luckly for me, it's a more textured then weathered paint job, so twiking picture shall help me find it quite acuratly, but unlucky for le, shots of it in normal day light/white light are rare. So i did my best and came up with thoses pictures:


Wich is what i'll try to mach, so it looks right on caméra.

I've also worked on thoses picture to try and have a cripier look at the details of it. One is the model used in the intro sequence, the other is the full size prop near the end of it's construction.


I'm still broazing through the topics to study it, so don't expect much new from me on this box for a while. Until then, happy crafting and thx for reading. ^^


BTW, i know some of you are more expertised then i could ever dream to be on this box, if you have anything to say, any tips before and while construction takes place, i'd much apreciate it, so don't be scared to be picky. thanks again.


So i've starded modeling, it's going smoothly. Thx to Tony Farrell's and Too Many Car's plans. Thoses are wild. So far it's going smoothly IMG_20201128_221044_804.jpg


Does any one has any idea how the hangles on it exactly look, or even a brand/model name?
i thought of creating a new topic on the houdolin refrence material sections so it can be discussed and researched. what do you think?


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3D model shell is mostly complete, gotta scale it down acuratelly and i'll try and see how i'll made it in to dismentelable/serviciable pieces.
enjoy. again, Tony farrell, i don't know you but your plans worked realy good. i did tweaked a couple of things and i gotta converte it to cm still, but here it is^^

if you see anything in accurate, don't be affraid to comment.

Hudolin main prop tardis 1996 2.pngHudolin main prop tardis 1996 3.pngHudolin main prop tardis 1996 4.png


Looks good to me...  :)



I corrected the lamp, it's too big. I sized it with the series 5 lamp that used a similar lantern. I have a capaldi tardis lantern too but i believe it's not the same model and that it's skinnier then the series 5 and hudolin lantern.


final full size, looks good to me. all i got to do is shrinking it to my model size




Hey there, i know it's been a while. My pc died and i thought i lost the 3d models i did with my old ragety lap top.
Luckly, after a lot of work, i manage full recovering of the hard disc and soft wares, so hooray ! (and client files for my work too... Nothing important)

So i'll try to give you updates on the future new build.
And also, i bought a replacement that should allow me to do cool things from now on. I'm exited to share that with you^^


I have most of my quotes now. Building's in it's way. Plus a little bonus on the side. Little prototypeIMG_20201218_210116_377.jpgIMG_20201218_210114_843.jpgIMG_20201218_210113_659.jpgIMG_20201218_210112_028.jpgIMG_20201218_210109_922.jpgIMG_20201218_210108_275.jpgIMG_20201218_210105_944.jpgIMG_20201218_210426_718.jpgIMG_20201218_210425_072.jpg


Some lovely work there. Something to bear in mind is the studio scale model differed a bit to the full size prop. The roof steps in particular. Keep up the good work!


Quote from: the_doctor on Dec 20, 2020, 01:14 pmSome lovely work there. Something to bear in mind is the studio scale model differed a bit to the full size prop. The roof steps in particular. Keep up the good work!

Hey there, thx for tip. I was made aware it while broazing throught the prop topic. I confirm that my objective is to make a model of the full sized one.


So. Progress !
I started working on some metal pieces for both the hudolin and series 5 box.
Mainly the metal yale lock.
I took pictures of my progress, but i'm debating in my head over posting them publicly for the reasons that i use my tools in some way that can be a bit risky (basicly, i used my hand drill as a metal turning machine, same way i did earlier my fresnel glass. so i'll try and ask an admin first.)

Any way you can have decent results with some flat headed screw or even some cyldrical pices of plastic.

Without any more explenations, here are the resulting locks and handle i've made.
It might look a bit ruff, but it was a very tiny metal job, so from wher i stand, it will do the job



Also i should mention that i don't have a 3D printer. And the option is quite out of my reach for now. Plus at this scale, i fear the print quality can't be good enougth to not be noticibly printed