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New, New TardisBuilders!

5.5inch TARDIS Redo

Started by simon83, Nov 26, 2018, 04:51 pm

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dr hue

Love those clear lines windows.

What model of printers do you use? I think you have an FDM and SLA type.

Also what modeling and slicing software do you use ?


Like your War Doc roof, when I slice mine, there are many steps in the slopes.

I'm wondering if I should attempt to print each of the four slope sections flat then stick them together ?

Any reason for using green filament ?


I do. I use 2 fdm printers and 1 sla. I do all bits separated. Lamps I SLA print along with windows then the rest is done via FDM so walls are a sep piece. Doors and etc all the same also.


Does anyone have any blueprints of the 1st Cushing TARDIS?


These are gorgeous. I'm working on my An Unearthly Child Brachaki box right now. Do you have files for the other boxes?


Another day another box. This time the Adventure in space and time box. Just missing the lamp and police sign.
Also working on the 8th Doctors Box too!


And the DB Box is now officially complete. Very happy with how its turned out.