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New, New TardisBuilders!

1996 TV movie wooden TARDIS build

Started by alextheyellowthing, Nov 28, 2020, 03:24 pm

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I used to love the Goodies!
The Ecky-thump sketch was a classic!!


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Quote from: russellsuthern on Dec 30, 2020, 12:23 pmI used to love the Goodies!
The Ecky-thump sketch was a classic!!

My big brothers terrified during the episode where the Goodies were counting down to the end of the world by telling me that it was, in fact, real and that the world would indeed end at the end of episode.
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never heard of seen that but it's hilarious


Nothing to crazy today, i did the last sign boxes and the texture work.
On thz prop, it looks like the took blobs of bondo an aply it directly to the wood with a metal spatula, so i basicly did the same.

First i thz blobs(wich on the real one must have be nit direcly put on the prop, but rather on the aplied with the spatula.)

Then, i smeared it with a flat blade and repeat a 2nd/3rd time until i was happy

Finaly i smoothed it out with my dry an wet finder.

 After solid, if needed, i gave it  a bit of a sand.IMG_20201231_030400_155.jpg

And here is the final result, wich i'm very happy with. IMG_20201231_030406_726.jpg


Also, here is my final choice of paint. It's again a montana spay cane. I'll try to link it tomorow.

And a little color grading with dark light conditions IMG_20201231_031419_596.jpg


Hey there, a couple new stuff. I've made a base, for now glued it to the box. The reasons for that is that i got one side a millimètres of, so the système i thought i'd be using go out of the window until i find a fix for that.
I also started and almost have finish the roof. Nothing special to say, i'll have to plan a way to put the batterie compartiment and light système in.
Next, i shall finish the roof and move on to the doors and make some inges (i'll try and show you how i do thosed) . After that, i think the model will be good for some paint

Ho and i got to do and print the graphics for the sign boxes and the pull to open section. Wich i kinda forgot about.

Pic's time then. I'm still impressed by how small it looks compared to the other tardis i have.


Tiny update
The roof is done
The base will be permanantly glued to the rest of the box, and i'll have to work an other système for accessing the box by the under side (removable plank of some kind)
Also the lamp is a place holder prototype, don't worry.
I'll probably not update for a will, i need to go out to find some more scrap wood. So far i've been using old fruit palette's wood wich i've ran of, and rain has been quite fréquent latly, so my hopes of gathering some in good shapes are slim. If i don't, i've other options then recycling old store throw away. Amazon and such

Anyway, pics time of the day: enjoy :)

The roof as to go a certain way, so i've marked it.
The place holder lamp is made of food safe aluminum sheet, hot glu stick and some left over layer from the square of wood i've fased to make the final lamp cassing


Btw, if any of you have screen caps or info of both the roof texture (wich i believe to be less textured then the panels) and the tardis iner floor (i don't know how it looks at all, and i don't have acces to the movie, let alone to a hd copie) please post it around, it would be much apreciated.


Big pronounced POLICE BOX signs?  Check.  More square panels than you realized?  Also check.  Should be a fine build.
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 Should be a fine build.
Quote from: Volpone on Jan 04, 2021, 05:13 amShould be a fine build.

Thx. I'm happy of how it is turning out, even for the unexpected quirks. It's still not a favorite of mine, mostly because of how massive the sign boxes are. It gives it very heavy top silhouette, wich i think is improportionnate. But i think it will shine in photo shoots,and it's a popular choice of box. The McGann box hasn't a very intressying color in the end, but it was very well shot, back in 1995. So in the end, i still enjoye it. Tho i can't wait to start work, either on:
-a new series 4 box or a new series 1 (the curent one i have is very ruff and i'm looking forward to maybe hading thoses boxes properly to my portfolio)
- the series 5 one. It grew a lot on me. It was my first DW toy. I like the new take on a, let's be honnest, Tennant box. It's not my favourit of the new séries, but i love what they did with it. And i'm really curious to work on that paint job. I think it will be very challenging and unforgiving.
-the tom yardley jones, it's my favourit of the classic era. Periode


May be i should do my personnal tardis top list some day. Idk, would it intresst some body ?


If there's one thing a sci-fi fan loves, it's a list...



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Quote from: russellsuthern on Jan 04, 2021, 09:19 pmIf there's one thing a sci-fi fan loves, it's a list...


lolX) i pled guilty....
i guess it could give me, and you, anidea of what's to come?


Before doing a the top list, little back ground about me. I've discovered the show in early 2011ish. A friend (a english speaker) at school told me about it, and at the time, they where running some new series 1 on the tv (France 4). By sheer luck, i've started watching rose a afternoon and fell in love with it. Big departure from the Dukes of hazzard i loved at the time and other Back to the future. So i've starded with series one onwards. It wasn't my first british show, my dad shared with me some Avengers, the prisoner, cosmos 1999 and... Of course... i was a euphémistique fan of the thunderbirds.

So action blusy comédie and adventure with awsome scores and quirky machines was my jam as a kid. And practical effects, either full blown or on the budget too.

At the time i vaguly knew about the classic series and i was late on the internet thingy at home, so i would get intressted in the shows back ground way later.

I've studied cinema later at school and, because i'm facinated with props, i've gain intressted in the past of doctor who. I've learn more about the métropolitain police boxes (i thought they were just some old school téléphone cabine for the every day man. Just, you can only call the police when in fact it is suppose to be a mini office/check point. Wich is why they are bigger then the red phone cabines). I've learnd about the past doctors, and i have to say, even if i have some preference, i love all the actors and incarnetion, no exeption... Yes even poor old sixy...

With that said, my criteria, in my mind, for a good looking tardis is a to make a decently size box based on the british métropolitain blu police box. It must be decently sized so it looks more like a human could work at his desk without being cramoed (and fit more then 4 actors some what confortably) . The base must be the moste heavy looking part in
the silhouette, it must also be either equal or thiccer then the corner posts, it must have the 3 on 3 pains windows and it must have a solide look. By that i mean it must not be flimzy. It can be battered, dirty or old, but not looking like it can fall appart at any moment.
I also prefer contrasting sign boxes, phone panel graphics and window tint against the window fitting (black window if the contours are white and white if the window bars are a dark blue or other dark shades) the sign boxes must no be larger and thiccer then the base

Other then that, can be any shade of blu or even something else (i would love to see a glasgow red one one day, or a british green maybe). I like it either wood or concrète but not just flat. I like some texture and even more if highlighted by the paint job (weathering or spécial paint job) what berwin 2 an 3 steps for the roof. I don't care much about the corner posts look, ether classic or new series style. Same for the sign boxes, as long as they are not too big.

With all of that nit picking, here's my top.


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N°11- the Barry Newberry prop. All of them until the refurb to make it look like the Tom Yardley Jones one. It's too small, too squat, the base is too fin, the lamp to small when it's not the gyrophare, wich i don't like either... I don't hate any boxes, exept this one. To be faire tho, it looks like the tardis and a part of me kinda likes the pink and yellow window, even if appantly it was just a lighting thing... Idk. Also the fact that it doesn't have lighting windows or sign boxes (wich is a thing for most of the classic tardis) realy makes it look flat. There's much effort in the texturing and it looks flimzy... Because it was very fragile and not looked after much.

N°10-the Capaldi props. Soo... I really like the Colin Richmond/Ed Thomas boxes (wich i'll call CR/ET boxes from now on) variant. Like it or not, it brought with it a sort of graphical cohérenxe to the tardis exterior, wich i think helped not to loost the public for a while... But may be it out stayed it's welcome. The Capaldi boxes sadly had a lot of fault most of the old series box could have. It was a bit squater, why not, but the flat paint, the bigger sign boxes, the too high roof, the idious and fragile lamp (the smith ancor lamp was changed for a more poll like lamp wich was very fragile but also easy to replicate with cheminé pipes and metal rodes) and mostly, that pai't job... It's sad, because, non of the new series box before that looked that cheap. Wich is even ore sad because it is absolutly not cheap !! But flat paint with shooting wear made it feel like the prop it was.that there were. Abused and fragilised. And it's shame in my opinion
(btw, i was about to put it in behind the CR/ET C prop, but it was such a desapointment that i put it here... So i guess i hate an other one of those... Pretty equal to the previous entry, exept this one has a low ranking for being desapointing... Plus Capaldi was a doctor that was owed a better tardis exterior i think. It didn't reflect much of his personality. It just looked like a NSDW tardis.such a shame)

N°9- the Brachacki original. It pains me to put it so low on the list, yet it's one that doesn't intrest me much when i think of it. I like it, a lot, it just happeneds to not be a favourit. It's a bit small looking, no light other then the lamp, the concret texture isn't the best looking one and it was also a pretty fragile prop. I like the opening windows tho. And i do have a lot of respect for it, because it was a prop made on a budget and had to fit a cramped tv studio space.

N°8- the Brachacky altered. Mostly same stuff then the last entry. Altho i got to say i lile the quirkiness of it. Tho it doesn't look much like a police box anymore, and still is a bit flimzy, the look grew on me. So he's a bit higher on the list, but it's pretty equal to the original.

N°7-the TV movie box. It's a very cool looking box, it was shot in a way that makes the color realy nice despit being a pretty classic blu in the day. The hammered pan in randome location were nice addition without it looking too destracting (even if a pain to research on... Wink wink). Light effects !!
I just would have prefered the sign boxes to be a bit more flat and the graphics to contrast a bit more against the blu.
Very cool box other wise. It's on the smaller size but it's "acfeptable to me"
Very well designed.

N°6-the TWJ. It's a very nice looking box, it nails every color schems i think. The shape is very good, exept for the fin base that doesn't even hide the little wheels (come on, even the daleks did)
I don't hate the lamp, it tries too look like a métropolitain lamp, i just happened to like other styles better.
Also no light effect outside of the lamps
It's also a small box again. And the texture of it looks to flat. It was not looking to flimzy, wich is a very big surprisz when you see making of. The shooting team handle that boxes with no care at all, im surprised it survived...

N°5- the Cushing movie boxes. I think they where 4 of them if i'm not mistaking. It's the only tardis i've seen irl too. I d'say it's almost equal to the TYJ in the ranking. It's basicly a métropolitain police box. Nothing much more to say. It's one of the only tardis with glossy/satin texture look. Wich fits it. Nice choice of blu, it has lights !! (a first i believe for the classic boxes) maybe the panels are bit small, idk. Very nice boxes, i have to say. Also very nice général size and shape.

N°4-the new series C prop. As the Tennant and the ware doctor. I like the corner post this thic... I wish the base could havr been made thiccer aswell... Sadly. Other then that, the paint job is nice, a bit more bluish. I prefer the lamp on the 2 previous prop, the rods look better on the side of the lantern insteat of solder on it.tho i get it was done this way because it was less fragile
As the warr doctor prop, i love the one of weathering. But i think the lamp is too small.
Over all one i like, a variant of a favorit wich lacks just a bit... Because i'm very picky X)

N°3-the Arwel wyn Jones. A totaly new vison of the tardis. It's also the closest to beeing green. The corogated glass and metal framed opening windows fits the look. Black graphics, same. It's may be a bit too small, idk. I like the promortion over all. 3stepes roof also, it's a rare sight. The first handles on the 2first props were a bit hod, and i'm still a bit skeptic ont the placment. I also bon't like the lamp much. The led blu look wierdly toyish and it's basicly and ancor lamp dumped on the roof.
Anyway, the paint/texture job is very intressting to me. I like both the wood and concret look, it' s the best of both i think. It looks cohérent on it's own. And the paint finish is glossy in some places and flat in other, wich i think brings even more intresting texture. The noches are a bit wierd to, but i grew to like it. Over all, the 3 props are very high in my estime.

N°2-...a hard choice, but i guess i have to say the NSDW CR/ET A and B props... Wich feels wierd, because Tennant and mostly Eccleston are my doctors. And if i build a full size tardis (wink) it's the one i want, interior and all. If i were to judge with the interior, it would be first for sure... Anyway
I like the propotions of it. I guess more rectangular and a bit smaller pannels would look good, but i like it the way it is. New style of post, why not, heavy weathering half way betwin space ware wear and street corner decade of sitting, highlighting a asumed wood base. Contrasting windows, nice color choice, nice handles and locks, well placed.I also like the lamp and the warm white lighting effects. It feels geounded in reality. also a first, if the door opens, you can see the inside instead of a black void. And i love it. First to feature a phone too. A childhood tinted favourit... Yeah, it's not very objective... But i gotta be honnest and talk about the next entry.

N°1- the series 5 tardis. At the time, it was a plesant redesign. Yet i didn't like this tardis as much as i liked the previous box. I think it's mostly due to the interior and the lore that came with the redesign. Now that i look at my criteria, this has to be the winner.
The paint job is mignificiant. I love the tinted wood. I'm still a bit more of a fan of the half space ship/half decade sitting box of the previous version, yet the series 5 D prop beats it with the general shape made more solide because of the thiccer base and corner posts and that beautifull lamp. The old school white frame over black windows and the stjones ambulance logo are a win.
It's just a very nice design in my opinion. Also it was my very first DW toy (the CO Flight control tardis) wich i still have, despite it suposed to be a gift to the friend that introduced me to the show... I'm a awfull friend X) i'll give here one of my model, i promise.

Any way, that was my top tardis list... Clic the bell and subscribe i guess X)

Thx for reading my french broken english if you did, and feel free to comment or do a top too if you want. I'm curious to hear about favourit boxes and mostly why.