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1:10 Fan Video TARDIS

Started by lespaceplie, Feb 19, 2020, 06:29 pm

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It's another one! I wouldn't even tender posting about it except that the parts are already being cut - not a vapor project. Per usual, there have been years of endless and boring postulation about my fan video projects. This is no different. Nonetheless it adds another to the pile of models, and this one is so easy to complete. Not only is it a subjective distillation of what I'd do for the prop, it's skewed toward easy assembly with the least manual fabrication short of 3D printing. It's borderline a kit, and the files might be shared once the first is put together.

It may appear to share components with all the classic series props, but only the door height is the same. Everything else has been touched for simplicity and pleasing proportions, though still no closer to a real police box. The quadrants on the posts may appear a little coarse in the drawing, but that's due to the amount of paint that will wick in the corners at this scale. A model needs definition to read even in HD.

generic tardis.jpg


Speaking of ye olde fan videos, the new project is not to create an ambitious fan series but just the trailer for one. It's mostly an excuse to record practical effects and tantalize over a series that never was and never will be. The 6 stories might one day get a presented as storyboards, though.

No More

Feels as though TY-J is the largest influence?  Did you start from a clean sheet and all the classics to draw upon, or a specific TARDIS and then modify from there?


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Quote from: No More on Feb 19, 2020, 07:47 pmDid you start from a clean sheet and all the classics to draw upon, or a specific TARDIS and then modify from there?

I was mostly inspired by the highly convincing final appearance the 1:3 Shawcraft model gets in Planet of Evil. I though why not make a unique catch-all? I started from scratch and let the materials dictate some dimensions for convenience (and also for a larger model later). The door panel proportions do point to but not duplicate the TY-J, though. If anything full size is constructed, it will merely be a "porch" for actors to pass through.


Quote from: lespaceplie on Feb 19, 2020, 06:29 pm
It's mostly an excuse to record practical effects and tantalize over a series that never was and never will be.
That's what I like to do with mine. I find it quite a satisfying process that whiles away an afternoon here and there :D


Things are progressing. Scaled up to full size, the fresnel would only be 5" in diameter - definitely smaller than the Brachacki.

fan progress.jpg


Still coming along but for running out of primer. There's been surprisingly little filing this time.



Things are coming along with some modest dirtying to be followed by a matte spray.

tardis progress 2.jpg


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And now it's ready! Next up will be testing in a typical spinning is space shot. It has been decades since I've done that.

fan prop 10 sm.jpg


I love the colour! What shades did you use?


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It's not a model hobby paint but regular hardware store fare: Rust-Oleum Premium Ultra Matte - Evening Navy. I hesitate to recommend it because it's far from matte (more satin), and it's not sandable. It's more like a spray vinyl coating that's intended for lawn furnishings. It did develop good flow without dripping, though. That might be great for coating a full-size fiberglass prop. It was primed with Dupli-Color Perfect Match Scratch Filler Primer, which is for the automotive market but terrific for model building. It's the most sandable I've ever used.

It was then dirtied with a Tamiya weathering kit containing burnt blue, burnt red and oil stain tints. I finished with a Tamiya matte lacquer, which I intentionally applied with many quick strokes to make it more granular.

Not that you asked, but the windows are merely water jug PETG cutouts. I considered casting translucent polyclay but didn't like the result in 1:10 (great for 1:6 - 1:3). The signs are laser-etched white/blue acrylic, which is much easier than applying decals.

Rassilons Rod

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The breaking strain is fast approaching, guns and riots.
Politicians gamble and lie to save their skins,
And the press get fed the scapegoats,
Public Enema Number One.

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That model will look superb in front of your recreation of the Tom Baker "time tunnel" sequence!



That's exactly where it's headed, though I might do a motorized slider shot instead of just scaling a photo.