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Secondary Console

Started by John Gervais, Jul 15, 2013, 04:04 am

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John Gervais

Other than the obvious Scarfwearer blueprints, does anyone have any accurate secondary console blueprints that Tom Baker used in multiple stories? I am planning on going to Home Depot tomorrow to pick up some supplies. Thanks for reading!
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There are BBC set floor plans there I think that were posted by Rassilon's Rod some time ago.
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And don't forget this excellent thread,, and this sub-board, While the Build Diary and the topics in the sub-board may not have specific dimensions or plans, they do provide a wealth of info for anyone trying to build one of these consoles.

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The Secondary Console has two writing desks on opposite sides - the sides for these have a flush drawer built into them so they can slide out to support the writing flap. I'd suggest making this a through and through so you can fit the internal drawer and cubby holes. This will affect the equipment panels mounted on each side.

For the underside, you may want to hinge those panels too with cabinet locks to hold them close, just to give you easier access.