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Earl's Court Box

Started by chriskingbees, Jun 26, 2009, 02:03 pm

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I've just had thought about this thread. This box was erected in 1996 by the Metroplitan Police, to work as a fully functioning Police Box, complete with computer inside and camera atop. therefore:

A replica, it "Aint", it's actually, the real thing.  :)



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Well yes, of course it's the real thing (the court decision against the Metropolitan Police aside). However, I think it still qualifies as essentially an attempt to replicate the original Mackenzie Trench design - in spirit at least - making it both a replica and the "real thing".

One of the things I find interesting is that some of the things that serve to differentiate it from the original Police Boxes have actually turned up on the new TARDIS's. An ongoing organic interchange between functional Police Boxes and the TARDIS. You would expect this from a Chameleon Circuit, but that it is happening with television props is an interesting point, whether intentional or purely synchronistic.


These photos were taken on Monday, during my most recent excursion into the city.


As far as I can tell, nothing's changed since the last photo update, although I hadn't noticed the newest photos, showing the phone panel completely filled in, a shame, as well as the visibility of it being so diminished by the large kiosk parked right beside it.

Whilst taking the photos, a passer-by remarked about it being a Police Box to his companion.

wayne venomous

We passed it last week (9th Feb 2011) on our way to the Doctor Who Experience and had to get a photo:

(doesn't look like the bike has moved either!  :D )

Is it my imagination or has the Police Box sign above the door been changed/refurbished?  ???
It looks like the lettering had faded in some previous photos but it seems a lot sharper in this photo I took last week. Given how many Doctor Who fans will be passing this on the way to the Olympia 2 and will be getting their photo taken with it, it would make sense to have it looking as nice as possible.


I'm thinking of making a model of this box.  Has anyone got a good look at the top of the roof?  It doesn't look like a simple squat pyramid shape.  There's something complicated going on up there with the fitting for the camera.


The camera sits above a cuboid base at the pinnacle of the squat pyramid, it's not all that dissimilar to the 80s TARDIS toy Character Option made, just minus the lamp and add an extra box on one of the sloped sides as seen in the first of the two photos I posted.


My brother has stopped off on his way to Olympia and kindly taken some more measurements for me (I live in Derbyshire, so a bit far to travel).  Soon as he sends them on I may knock up some plans.


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Quote from: pod on Dec 14, 2008, 05:48 am
If it's of any use to anybody, I visited the Earls Court box last week during the tail end of my UK visit (also went to the exhibition!!!) and I spent some time taking measurements....

Based on Pod's dimensions and on some measurements my brother took last week, I've drawn up some plans for the box. Not that I can imagine anyone building one in their back garden, but I might do a model myself...

Any measurements higher than anyone can reach are a bit of a mystery, though you can guesstimate from photos.  If anyone has anything to add to these plans, please feel free.  It's a big Jpeg so I haven't embedded it in this post.


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Just for the heck of it:


Full size version here:



Spotted this lady on the topsign above the doors yesterday. Additionally, I saw a public notice that seemed to broach the possibility of removing the box  :(



What did the sign say ?

The BBC seem to be systematically erasing the met box from history so a police box is only recognisable as a Tardis, so I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Much as I love Doctor Who I think this is bad and something should be done.


Wonder if thats got anything to do with Scarroth?

Bet it's something to do with money.

Agree with you Dom, i'm sure the BBC and Met could have shared. Any one selling TARDIS fakes could  by sued by the Beeb and the rest selling "police box"  to get round it be dealt by the Met.

Seems easy enough to me.

What did the notice say Peter? Btw, did you take a ladder to get that or do you have really long arms?


Would be a shame that the last Police Box in London might end up being removed, especially after it was sopposed to signify their return.


Quote from: mark on Jan 30, 2012, 07:39 pm
What did the notice say Peter? Btw, did you take a ladder to get that or do you have really long arms?

I'll see if I can hop back there in the next day or two and get the facts (and a pic).

This one was taken in a bit of a hurry with my phone held high. It came out rather well considering I could only just make out the subject I was framing :)


If you could get some detail of the roof I'd be really grateful, as I have decided to make Earls Court my next model.  Stand on the railing if you have to (but mind the taxis!).  ;)