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2010 NST TARDIS Lamp Sources

Started by cathlyn847, Mar 28, 2010, 06:34 pm

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evil bob

The Blockade Runner lantern came today.  I have it side by side with the Anchor Lantern I got from eBay.



The Blockade Runner Lantern is 10" tall vs 14" for the Anchor lantern.
4.75" in diameter vs 6.75" for the Anchor Lantern.

also in the same mail delivery, a David Tennant TARDIS from eBay.  The windows and top signs light up!



Well, that smaller one would be a good size for a 3/4 size build.
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Wow. Side by side the Blockade Runner lamp is smaller than it sounded in the description. Still, as some people have used the "jelly jar" porch light globes for their builds until they could find a proper sized Fresnel lens, the Blockade Runner could serve as an inexpensive temporary substitute lamp for the Smith TARDIS until one finds the proper sized anchor lamp that isn't expensive as most are (like evil bob was lucky enough to do).

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evil bob

I got this one,http://www.amazon.com/Gerson-Everlasting-Lantern-Flameless-Candle/dp/B004EBT7A0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hg_1
It's the same one you have, but for some reason the black one is $3 cheaper.  That anchor lamp is smaller than the Blockade Runner lamp. 7" x 3.5".

evil bob

Quote from: galacticprobe on Jul 19, 2012, 04:43 am
Wow. Side by side the Blockade Runner lamp is smaller than it sounded in the description.

It really is cute, lol. I'm going to put it in my Halloween pirate pub display.  It'll fit in with the nautical theme!



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I love that Pirate Pub! If those skeletons are life-size, then your pub display is bigger than most of the rooms in my house! In fact it looks about the size of my living room! Though, my ceilings aren't as high: just over 8 feet. (My entertainment room is just a slight bigger, and not by much, and has a slightly lower ceiling.)

A quick question on the Gardman-like lamp you got from Amazon that I've been meaning to ask: the black version - is it made from metal or plastic? I'm guessing metal, but for some reason the black look it has makes me think of something made of heavy plastic.

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evil bob

Thanks Dino! They are life-sized. 

The lantern is made of metal, but the "glass" is plastic.  I'm thinking of vacuumforming the top part so I can have it for the Tennant version of the lamp without having to buy another one.


I feel the fool cause I so missed read the size or got lines crossed as I was looking at so many different lanterns. Good news is it might still work for me as I am not making a full to scale Tardis but a bookshelf/projector house for my home theater.

the mister

that's an amazing pirate set up! love it!


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It is. Everything about the xylophone is awesome.  And the pirate costume on any one of those skeletons blows what I've managed to put together out of the water.  I was going to make a Rolling Stones joke, but there's far too many musicians.
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evil bob

Thanks guys! here's my channel on youtube.


There's a lot of videos of the making of this stuff.  I'll add the TARDIS videos of my TARDIS build when I start in earnest.  I said TARDIS three times in this post so it's on topic.  (I hope)


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The Garston is the correct size, but check out my last post here http://tardisbuilders.com/index.php?topic=4232.msg48707;topicseen#msg48707. You might be able to get one for far less than what Amazon is asking for them.

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Quote from: blizzard on Jul 19, 2012, 06:44 am
After seeing the results I ended up going with the following.

I'm guessing that these two lamps are combined somehow, but can someone tell me how?