Beveled Corners on 2010 Box (or other boxes)?

Started by therailwayman, Sep 17, 2013, 09:20 am

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I've seen reference to this here and there, but can't tell if Eleven's TARDIS has beveled corners on the posts?  (Outer corners.)

And, which boxes have them and which don't (just for future reference)?


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Well, according to all of the reference images I've perused the following seems to hold true for TARDIS models' corner posts:

Classic Series

  • Brachacki: had quarter-round inset corners, (this includes the "Brachacki Altered", which was the original Brachacki with a modified roof and re-worked doors);

  • Newbery: had pretty much square corners, maybe some rounding;

  • Yardley-Jones MkI: also had squared corners, again maybe with a little rounding;

  • Yardley-Jones MkII: had quarter-round inset corners, though not as pronounced as the Brachacki's;

Series Revival Pilot Movie (a.k.a. 1996 TVM)

  • Hudolin: quarter-round corners, pretty close to the Brachacki's;

New Series

  • Richmond-Thomas MkI (Series 1): had pretty square corners, some slight beveling;

  • Richmond-Thomas MkII (Series 2-4): pretty much the same as the MkI, but with a bit more beveling;

  • Richmond-Thomas MkIII (Series 5 on): basically the same as the Series 2-4 model, but with the cleaner look the beveling stands out more, and maybe was even increased so it would be more visible as beveling.

Hopefully this covers all of the corner post variants (Readers' Digest version). And if I've made any errors I'm sure I'll be corrected.

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