It is what I would like one day... (Pic intensive)

Started by handofomega, Jun 13, 2011, 08:42 pm

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Interesting take on the design. I've seen shots of that Second Life console room online too and been suitably intrigued... The overhead display screen is a nice touch and an original take on it.

For the sake of completion, here's a picture I found of the elusive time rotor in that Second Life console room:

Season14b 5.jpg

Rassilons Rod

Haha, I think I made those stained glass roundels, years ago  in Powerpoint! :D
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Thanks for posting the pic of the rotor!!!  I personally like the Hartnell version I have in it now, but it is nice to see what is actually there in second life.


So...   I can't leave well enough alone.    ;D   I have been tinkering with the original design and I have been wanting to make it my own.   I have learned quite a bit from the detailed plans that have been made based on the original Hartnell console and I wanted to show my changes to this design.   I "borrowed" from a few sources and made changes to original version I made in Sketch-up years ago.   I have downloaded Keyshot and hope to eventually render the sketchup version into a more photo-realistic version.  So here are a LOT of pics of this console I have been playing with.






(This one is still in the rework phase.   Not sure what other controls I am looking to add yet...)



Central column



The goal with the column was to get the intricacy of the Hartnell column without being a direct copy.   I took inspiration from the steampunk genre and looked into what I could use to cobble together this version of the column if I were building it in the real world.   The armillary sphere in the center is based on measurements of one I actually own.  The bulb at the top of the column is not a light but is actually supposed to be a radiometer.   The three lights around the column are based on Edison bulbs I have seen for sale.  The area underneath the armillary sphere is based on a domed clock's moving parts.   The whole center area is based on a ceiling fan motor case in brass.   The hope would be for the center part of the console (armillary sphere and clock spheres) to spin and for the whole column to rise and fall.

This section I "borrowed" from the steampunk console build:


Close ups of some of the gauges:







The underside of the console:


And last one until I finish:



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Wow, Don! You have been busy, haven't you? I love what you've done with the console, and that central column is a very ambitious one to say the least. (But it all looks sooooooo good!)

For that panel that's still a work in progress - the one with the rectangular screen in it - in that currently-blank lower right corner you could put a Gallifrey Recall Indicator. It's one of many controls you haven't used yet. You could put one of the round, multi-section, multi-color controls from the McGann console if you don't care for the Recall Indicator. Of if you want to stick more to the original Brachacki/Hartnell console, you could put the large knob "Inverted T" control from Panel 4 there.

Just some ideas to throw out there in hopes that some of them might be helpful.

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Thank you Dino!    One of the things I did when making this version is to try to make all the parts of the console itself to be like I was making it from wood.   It isn't just flat planes all together.   That way I have the measurements if I make it in the real world.   

The column is different items I have found in brass and like the shapes.   I think that the hardest thing to actually get for that column is the bell jar glass part of the whole thing.   


Wow-oh-Wow-ee  :o
This makes me inspired to start up again on sketchup
I've loved this build since the start and love where it
is going. handofomega, keep at it!  8)

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