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Tulse Hill/Norwood Box

Started by scruffy57, Nov 03, 2020, 02:02 am

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Hi all,
Still occasionally looking out for Boxes and stumbled upon these nice imagesTulse Hill Norwood Police Call Box.jpgTulse Hill Norwood PCB.jpg.
It is the Box at the junction of Norwood Rd and the South Circular. I couldn't access the database for some reason so I couldn't tell you what number it is.

Hope all are well in these trying times


dr hue

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great find!


Norwood Road, Tulse Hill Box Z41
Commissioned: 03-Apr-33
Removal: Dec 68
Norwood Road, east side 15 yards south of Thurlow Park Road
Tulse Hill Streatham

(Note: Per a later hand written amendation to the typed 1953 Met Survey, this Box was resited to "West side of Norwood Road, Jct. of Christchurch Road", which is two short blocks south of its original position.)