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Flashing light and materialisation sound

Started by stezza7, Nov 24, 2010, 11:38 am

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Hi All,

I've completed my TARDIS but I'm missing one important piece - the crowning achievement!!! I need the beacon light for the top, some globe that flashes on and off in time with the materialisation sound. Are there kits available for this? Has someone done it before and can tell me how to make one and what parts I need? It's the last piece of the puzzle and it would be nice if the light and sound could be triggered with a remote and brightness/loudness can be turned up and down.

Am I dreaming?? Can someone help me out?


Rassilons Rod

You can find most of what you need by browsing the boards. Here are some good threads for these things :)

Sound Effects:

Flashing Light:

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wayne venomous

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Here's how I did it:

(apologies for the poor quality - I couldn't find the charging pack to my camcorder)
What you could do is edit the sound in Audacity (it's free to download online) so you have one channel dedicated to powering the light by just having the vwooop! vwooop! noise and silencing all the other effects. In Audacity, just export it to a .wav file and burn it to a CD-R.

For the bulb you can use one of these:
They're actually powered by an LED inside anyway so if you take it apart and bypass the resistor, the audio source should be able to drive it directly.

Here's a bulb installed in my Daughter's TARDIS light (made from an upturned Ikea candle lantern):

In action:
(I put a blue LED in this one)